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Open Minnie in the first two chapters on the registration of domain name considerations and the purchase of domain name considerations, originally prepared to continue to write the site space problem, but always feel that there are some domain name notes do not account clearly, so here a separate chapter on the domain name preparation of some other considerations, because of the domain name, Also need to do some relevant preparation to protect the normal use of our domain name and the normal operation of the site, so we have to do some of the following domain name preparation:

1. The record of the domain name of the matters needing attention

When it comes to ICP Record, we should love and hate, love it, there is a ICP file really shielded a large number of discordant sites, hate, there are many normal operation of the grassroots web site due to the lack of record and have to close the station. So what are we going to do about it and what are the things we should be aware of?

First of all, it is best to record, after the record has several benefits: the first user trust increased, the second Web site space can be put in the domestic speed of access to improve. We can go to China Ministry of Information industry on the record page to submit a filing application, can also let our space business to assist us in the record, in addition to the Internet also has a dedicated fast record service providers, but open Minnie or recommend the use of their own record or by the space provider to assist in the record, safe and reliable is always the first. Special to mention is: personal record can only do the non-profit filing, not to the forum's reputation for the record, it is basically will not be passed.

2. backup domain to prevent

Everyone must be very strange, what is called Domain name backup? The simple point is that we do a site, to prepare two domain names, one as the primary domain name, one as an alternate domain name. I believe that when you do the website must have encountered the case of the cancellation of the record, then once encountered this situation, and we are not fully prepared, it will lead to the embarrassment of the site must be closed, thereby losing a large number of users, then if we prepared two domain names, when the main domain name of the record or the domain name quotient problems, We can use the second domain name is the backup domain name as a temporary replacement, so as to avoid the embarrassment of the site closed, when the main domain name of the record again through the domain name quotient problem resolution, we then restore to the main domain name, so as to maximize the avoidance of the loss of customers.

3. To enable domain name considerations

The primary domain name is enabled, the domain name record completes, we have to consider how to enable the domain name, according to international practice and Convention, we will generally open the top-level domain without www and the two domain name with the WWW and also assigned to our home page, but this will form two exactly the same site, especially for Baidu, Then we have to use the 301 permanent redirect operation. If the space does not support then there is no good way, my suggestion is, if do domestic market, on the WWW as the main domain name in the promotion of the site, and do the international market, with no www for the promotion of the focus. Or only one of the domain names is enabled. If we are to do the forum can also consider directly with the BBS as our main domain name, do group buying can also be directly Tuan or T as the main domain name.

Two-level domain name is enabled, if our site content is particularly rich, you can consider enabling the two-level domain name, such as BBS two domain name Binding forum, blog two domain name binding blog, shop Two-level domain name Binding mall, of course, this is based on the needs of different Web sites to determine, There are also different cities to bind different level two domain names precedent, such as NET, 58 with the city, but the prerequisite is that there must be rich content. To enable the level two domain name considerations: must not at the same time enable too much content is not rich in the two-level domain name, we have such a precedent, a one-time enable too much of the two domain name and content by not rich words, will lead to the search engine down the right, especially Google, Baidu's understanding of the level two domain name is a completely different So it will be better.

4. Domain Name resolution considerations

When our domain name is ready, space is ready, then we will be the domain resolution to our purchase of space IP, and our space IP point to our domain name, so that the completion of the domain name analysis. The specific operation we can refer to Baidu encyclopedia about domain name resolution instructions. Here to say some easy to ignore the note is about the problem of DNS servers, DNS is the domain name resolution server (name System), our domain name providers generally provide DNS server address, and space business will generally provide DNS services, The default approach is to use the DNS domain name business, in the resolution page directly to parse, my proposal is to use the Space business DNS services, so that the resolution faster, more stable, for the normal operation of the site is beneficial.

Speaking of here, our domain name preparation work Basically OK, next we will pay attention to choose the website space some questions, if has any suggestion and the opinion, welcome everybody to communicate with us, the article by the Http:// SEO original release, the article source (the origin), Welcome reprint, Reproduced please retain the copyright link, thank you for your cooperation.

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