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Rankings | Site Rankings link text is invisible on the page, but the link text to be linked to the page has a huge role: in the modern search engine in the keyword matching process, the process of matching not only look at the content of the current page summary: to a large extent, not only to see the page itself to say what they have content, but also to see how others link, How to describe your site what others call you is more important than what you say yourself.

For example: "Who", returned the results of the this page is not Chinese, the reason can match, because a lot of links to its Chinese site used: <a href= "" > Who </a&gt, so the Chinese keywords that don't exist in this page are also part of the page summary.

Such a thought, you can know that the link to the text is actually linked to the child channel home page or content Details pages service. The keyword density on its own page has only a negative effect, which is why Google suggests that there should be no more than 100 links in a page: He does not index 100 links after the content.

According to the rules above, the search engine extracts the news content from a news detail page to remove all text with HTTP links on the page. is the content part of the news, more accurate some can be achieved by taking the longest text paragraph and so on, and many of the home page or channel home page are almost all links, The results of the search engine analysis are: what the content is not, can be hit by the keyword is just another link you use the "home page" and the channel title titles in the name of the site, and so on a few keywords, and the other text on the page is far less than the corresponding channel and the specific content of the page's matching degree is high, And the search engine can through the above rules, let the user faster direct positioning to have specific content Content Details page. So hope that through a home page, as much as possible to hit all the words to promote the keyword is impossible. Let the Web page as many as possible into the search engine index, and then grasp the entire site theme style is very important, so that the theme of the site can be more evenly distributed according to the pyramid model to the site can refer to: The theme of the site pyramid design:

Website name (user through 1-2 abstract keywords)
/ \
Sub Channel 1 sub Channel 2 (User hit with 2-3 keywords)
/ \ / \
Product 1 Product 2 Article 1 Article 2 (user through 3-4 keyword hit: This user Most valuable)

Do not empty the title: Empty <title></title> is tantamount to wasting the most valuable piece of the position;
In a traditional page, an HTML page will have implicit information similar to the following to describe the main content keywords of the current Web page:
<meta name= "keyword" content= "MP3 download music ..." >
Later, as a result of this artificially added keyword way is abused, a large number of web pages in order to improve the probability of being hit by search engines, often add some and actual web content irrelevant hot key such as: "Music mp3 download" And so on, So a new generation of search engines no longer care about the page header file in the manual meta keyword Declaration, and the page title in the search engine keyword hit the process often has a higher proportion, if a keyword in the title hit will be more than in the page hit have a higher score, So that in the corresponding search results ranking more forward.

Title length and content: Do not be too long, generally within 40 characters, and fully highlight the proportion of keywords; if the longer title search engine is generally ignored, so try to put the main keywords in the front of the title position. Omit unnecessary adjectives, after all, the user mainly through the noun to find the content needed. Title content: Try to use some words that other people can find by keyword (also do not overdo, if the word in the title more than 1 half of the content is not, may be excluded from the search engine index), so based on the Web log from other search engine keyword query statistics is very necessary.

If the page is a lot of words, try to use different page title, strive to let the content of their site more into the search engine index range;
Because the search engine will be based on the similarity of the content of the page to some content as a repeating page excluding the index range;

Http:// is a small application on my website: a UNIX command manual for a Web Interface (Man page), where all dynamic pages in the previous design used the same title: "Phpman:man Page/perldoc/info Page Web Interface ", Google indexed about 3,000 pages, then I changed the page title to" Phpman: [command name] "format such as:" Phpman:ls ", The headlines for most dynamic pages are different, and one months later Google has indexed about 6,000 pages from this page entry. Therefore, if many pages in the site use the same title, such as: "News channel", "Forum", a large part of these pages will be ignored by the mechanism of the weight.

In addition to <title></title>, you can also use In my website design: I would highlight the title with a template like

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