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  recently developed a traditional version of the Web site, on the Internet to find a more popular simplified switch JS implementation, but later found that some pages will be stuck to death, in response to this problem, there is a good solution below

The company intends to enter the Taiwan market, recently developed a traditional version of the Web site, the database is all simplified information, in addition to fixed text on the page manual translation, the article content title is not traditional.     So on the internet to find a more popular simplified switch JS implementation, but later found that some pages will be stuck to death, simply can not carry on. Pop-up information indicates that this is the simplified switch JS caused the problem.     looked carefully and found out that this was the problem. Share, perhaps a lot of people have encountered similar problems.     first code:  code as follows://imitate the language package of the simple conversion function Plug-ins!     var default_isft = 0//default is traditional, 0-simplified, 1-traditional   var stranit_delay = 50/Translation delay millisecond (this is designed to allow the Web page to appear smoothly first)   &NBS P -code start, below------- //Convert text   function Strantext (txt,toft,chgtxt)   {  if (txt== "" | | Txt==null) return ""   Toft=toft==null? bodyisft:toft  if (chgtxt) txt=txt.replace (Toft?) Jane ":" (Toft?) Fan ":" Jane "))   if (Toft) {return traditionalized (TXT)}  else {returned simplized (TXT)} } //Convert object, using recursion, Layers to text   function stranbody (fobj)   {  if (typeof (fobj) = = "Object") {var obj=fobj.childnodes}  else   {  var tmptxt=stranlink_obj.innerhtml.tostring ()   if (Tmptxt.indexof ("Jane") <0)   {  bodyisft=1  Stranlink_obj.innerhtml=strantext (tmptxt,0,1)  Stranlink.title=strantext (stranlink.title,0,1)  }  else  {  bodyisft=0  StranLink_ Obj.innerhtml=strantext (tmptxt,1,1)  //stranlink.title=strantext (stranlink.title,1,1)  }  Setcookie (jf_cn,bodyisft,7)   var obj=document.body.childnodes }  for (var i=0;i<obj.length;i++)   {  var oo=obj.item (i)   if ("| | br|hr| Textarea| ". IndexOf ("|") +oo.tagname+ "|") >0| | Oo==stranlink_obj) continue;  if (oo.title!= "&&oo.title!=null) Oo.title=strantext (OO.title);  if (oo.alt!= "" &&oo.alt!=null) Oo.alt=strantext (Oo.alt);  if (oo.tagname== "INPUT" &&oo.value!= "" &&oo.type!= "text" && oo.type!= "hidden") Oo.value=strantext (Oo.value);  if (oo.nodetype==3) { (}  Else Stranbody (OO)  } }  function jtpystr ()   {  return ' Ai io Hinder love ao ao dam strike to do trip help tied pound slander to peel full bao Pao, abalone Jackal prepare exhausted the closing of the closed edge, the change of the debate braid turtle, Bin bin, and the port of the port of the cake, platinum and The silkworm residual Cang Cang toilet side book measurement layer astonished mixed cicada greedy slander the shovel production of a long time to pay the bowel factory Chang Chong Chong Chen lining Brace said correctional Cheng Crazy late chi shame teeth Blazing Chong Bug pet domain 踌 to raise silk ugly cupboard kitchen hoe virgin storage contact 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