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To help people deal with the site hundreds of, trading a domain name of hundreds of, I would like to talk about my experience in avoiding transaction risk and deception. This is my two years of trading intermediary efforts, the following random examples of several domain names for reference.

  ad-Type deception: I want to sell website, 1000 Pieces of ip,100, (cheat you to click, right when free advertising, such deception, is to waste your time and energy, a glance can see the other side's intentions, not selling stations, in the sale of AD) domain name 50 selling , such a deception, one aspect is the display rate of deception domain name, advertising opportunities, and so you contact him, estimated that you ignore. Often bubble trading forum, basically see these unworthy price, don't think pick up cheap, have that good, others early Rob.

  Heuristic Deception: Forum also often has, my 10,000 IP, 5000 Block sale or my domain cheap sale, contact So-and-So, waiting for you to ask him, he is always do not bid, and so you quote it, generally take a low price to do publicity, many buyers will contact, the offer is also more, his purpose is different people quoted price, he did not actually purchase the intention. Just to test your estimate price.

The above two kinds of deception, only moral deception, is not a substantial deception or fraud.

  I'll talk about some of the risks involved in trading.

First find a buyer to find a seller to deceive: There are some cheats, know some information, such as he knew that someone on the network prepared 10,000 sold, he first published everywhere, 10,005 sold, and so you ready to trade with him, gave him 10,005, He quickly to contact the real sell, 10,000 buy, from which to make money. Such a person, he often know the low price information more, profit from it. But is very unsafe, may you give the money, because the real sale price has already sold, the liar can not take out the thing, does not have the management the deception.
There used to be a movie site 40,000 IP, ready for 20,000 to sell, posted in my trading forum. I didn't care because I didn't write a specific website name. Then another friend to me, asked me 40,000 IP website, can 30,000 quickly help sell out. He just wanted to make a quick 10,000 difference from it.

No goods cheat: Such deception method is very simple, using some people are very anxious to buy the domain name or good website idea, quickly cheat little money.
There is a man, who sells everywhere and only 300 bucks. I think are 100, how a day there are 1000 natural flow of IP, 300, not very lucrative, a lot of people have this idea, and then the seller installed a very urgent appearance, to first dozen money, how how. Actually he does not have this domain name at all, rolls the money to run.

The cheating method in the above 2 is very low. But it's easy to identify. View Domain name and site information, domain name query CN domain Name Query query each other's mail, registrant, if it is a website transaction, inquires the other side of the site to stay the method. There are also Baidu records. can also query the other person's contact, contact telephone, such as Baidu Search, trading domain name Baidu search situation. A lot of cheats, are in the network left very deep misdeeds. A search, all is scold him. Such people, whether genuine or cheap sale, try not to trade with them.
In addition to people who have cheated and cheated, no matter how much money, also must write him a pen, write down him, not appear your stingy, you wrote later, to the future more people search, reference, you are in the help of everyone, is doing the public good things, service.

  Virtual High risk: Many sites in the sale of the 1-2 months before buying a lot of pop-up, or group station effect, such as after the shot, gradually retreat flow, materialize. This is more common in the site transactions, so some people see the Alexa rapid rise of the site, joked that this site is ready for sale. The sale of the program is the same, the appearance of luxury, the core of the false. This need to personally see the site statistics, and the program itself to identify, or find experienced people to analyze. The risk of website trading is also here, once helped a friend to trade a forum. When buying 20,000 IP, the transaction finished one months later, became 10,000 IP.

  scam Big exposure:

The common scam in Domain name transactions:
1 not all the domain name, domain name can not transfer;
2) or the domain name soon expired, can not renew the fee,
3 after the domain name transaction to find reasons not to transfer;
4 Domain name and small company registration, can not transfer, or small companies can not contact;
5 Domain name transaction process, as well as another domain name registrar to apply for submission, when push to you, the domain name has actually been transferred to another registrar. But again the original registrar, still can use;
6 Foreign domain name trading scam: Refer to an article, joined the rice farmers not long, registered two domain name, the next job is to publicize their domain name, in the domestic and foreign major domain name trading website Registration of their own domain name, and in the forum post to do publicity. In less than three days after receiving a letter from abroad sent over the domain name of the email, a bit overjoyed after all the sale of information just log out a few days to receive the buy letter, The letter is the approximate content of English is to first indicate to this domain name ( very interested, I would like to quote him a price and whether there are other buyers and explained that he is a software company CEO, the company is mainly engaged in customer server systems and databases, the sale of domain names is only another way for them to gain benefits.

Soon I gave him a reply, I gave him a 2000USD, buy and sell to give each other a can swing, I also told him can give me a price he can accept, because I do not want to give the buyer's desire to dispel. He also soon wrote back to me again to ask me how about 1980USD? I thought this is basically a promise ah. But the next thing I suspect is that he has to ask me to provide a valuation certificate and the importance of this certificate to both sides, he gave me a link to a Web page that there are many famous valuation companies called me to see, click After I found that is invalid. Because I know in a foreign company to do domain name valuation fee is not low, an unsuccessful scam also began, he is also a model to tell you if the high price can also allow me to increase the appropriate price, but to give him a 10%-15% discount to ensure his profits, why he will give an invalid link this is intentional, Because he knew that the person who received the letter is sure to reply to him, and his next letter will play a key role. Of course at the time I just began to doubt him, and did not give up his talks. The reply told him that I could not open the link provided, so I could not provide a certificate of valuation, I asked him to give me a price he can accept to make a direct transaction.

Then his reply is still logically write some need to evaluate the importance of the certificate, and then down the letter in the invalid link began to work, he began to analyze a number of well-known foreign domain name Web site provided by the valuation service is unreliable, is not acceptable, It is conceivable that he will provide a domain name valuation site to let you in that valuation. At this point I have a basic knowledge of this is a hoax, but I still do not give up the last hope, of course, I will not be so stupid to spend money to do a domain valuation, and then the domain name valuation difficult to estimate an accurate number of even and true real deal price is very far from all possible, to his letter I told him to first to give this domain name to make a valuation, Then I can double pay him for the value of the domain name after the transaction is successful. It is conceivable that the letter is the last letter of our negotiation.

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