Wedding photography of the most fashionable play: Car shoot

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Every man has a car and a goddess in his heart.

Wedding photography is a very interesting buyer's market, and it can even be said to dominate the market. Pay attention to this word "dominating", not exclusive, is the bride said the count of dominating the market!!

Also because most of the bride is required style, so boys toys, often can only be reduced to corner painting circle. So, today to introduce, is the goddess to marry home people will like the big toys-car shoot.

Generally speaking, your car, as the protagonist of the scene. Most will be divided into 2 main angles: inside and outside the car.

Part of the car, because it is private space, it is generally the focus of the shooting, or show more personality beauty or slightly sexy. and fashion wedding photography techniques, mainly to foil the newcomer, or light and modelling.

The following figure, oblique light, will be beautiful features very meticulous expression. And the shape part, the big wave hairstyle, the dense-knit jewelry, the low chest dress and deliberately pulls the high skirt pendulum, in all will focus on the new person's performance. And the small space inside the compartment, it is appropriate to wrap the body of the new person. This kind of intentionally creates the narrow space The photography technique, is the vehicle inside the photograph the rare fine.

Then follow the way out, including inviting the groom to put his hand in the skirt, deliberately creating a little sexy feeling.

or another image of the creation of a personalized beauty, is in addition to the micro-sexy, coupled with the characteristics of the new person; The following figure, the tattoo on the bride, deliberately in the focus (legs) and the corner of the picture staggered. Let little sexy outside, also slightly reveal the bride's personality beauty.

Finally, in the narrow space inside the car, because of the small size of the camera space, so in the composition, there are often deliberately stressed facial features and skin details of the photos. The following figure, deliberately the new facial features, do light and shade, the details of the skin is deliberately retained. The main hope is to make people appreciate the artistic sense of nature. And the light collocation, also deliberately with the street lamp plus mirror reflection to create a visual focus.

In addition, there are also the following figure, deliberately using dark scenes, but retain the skin details of the method. Make new people sweet, look very practical, there is a kind of sweet is the feeling of being at your fingertips.

Next we talked about the outside of the car. Outside the car part, the concept is the general open space, so when shooting, is the car as a part of the shape. So when we talk about it, it's more practical to talk about tonal and light composition. The following figure. The rear of the light deliberately oblique to the flash, so that the details of the modelling is relatively obvious, but will not capture the focus of the eye. And these photos of the composition of the groom, put his hand in the skirt, deliberately create a little sexy feeling. Also welcome new, play star, bodyguard COSPLAY.

In the end, there are different definitions for cars and their vehicles. As shown below, the convertible has the advantage of focusing on the narrow space and the limb extending to the open space. Such photographs tend to be used to the advantage of focusing the composition on narrow spaces while encouraging new people to stretch their limbs.

In this way, most of the car is to take the car as a big toy shooting techniques. If the hope is the creative way of shooting, or can discuss with the photographer, let the car wedding dress in addition to more stylish, but also can be more interesting, such as (below) Italian well-known designers Sit down and please the latest works!!

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