Week of work-week nineth (2016/07/18-2016/07/22) so soon is it over? That's what really started!

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In fact, background development is nearing the end of the current background team as a secondary participation in the application of the interface debugging

Of course, the interface debugging will occur a lot of inexplicable situation, need to assist to solve

Briefly describe the problems encountered:

1, mobile phone number verification rules, the old mobile phone verification regular expression is not support the new number, now operators open a lot of new numbers, leading to the rule invalidation, such as the new 147 start of the mobile phone number on the verification, fortunately there are colleagues new mobile phone number ...

2. When configuring hibernate to validate the bean into SPRINGMVC, be aware of the request and the W location of the Bean, as follows:

These 2 positions need to be interchanged and are correct as follows

If this is not the case, bad request will occur when sending a validation error because the request declaration is in the wrong order of time

3, discuss the two issue of demand, operation promotion and follow-up related work

Seemingly the first stage of the work to end, in fact, really busy time has come!

Week of work-week nineth (2016/07/18-2016/07/22) so soon is it over? That's what really started!

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