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Introduction to the problem

My family has 2 ipad:1 is iPad1 generation, iOS5 system, 1 is the ipad air,ios7 system. The last time the ipad Air's iOS7 system opened the App Store, it sometimes went well, sometimes it was very serious and sometimes even hung out. It is now found that the ipad Air power consumption is much larger than iPad1 generation. I usually open the same game in two ipad, only need to click every 5 minutes, no other operation, the result of a few days to find air off significantly faster than 1 generations.

Cause analysis

First, but the battery storage air than a generation greatly improve a lot, the game itself is very cost electricity, plus IOS7 also how much electricity, all belong to the normal phenomenon.
Second, the 7.0.4 system update has been released! Recommended Update! After the update, see if the problem has improved.
Third, after my own test, I really feel that the ipad Air battery in relation to any one of the Apple series, after a morning time, only 1% power consumption, and WiFi open!

Summary of the solution method

Method One

Of course, if you want to save more power, small make up here there are some tips to give you.

If you do not need to use the location frequently, it is best to turn off the positioning service. Follow the figure below.

Operating Procedures: Settings-Privacy-location Services-the bottom of the system services-often go to the location of the shutdown.

Method Two

1. Close AirDrop

If you're not going to use the Airdrop feature in iOS 7, it's best to turn it off because it's always looking for compatible devices, and Airdrop can be turned off in the control center.

2. Background Application Refresh

When you go to Settings > general > Background application refreshes, you can decide which applications can refresh content in the background or use location-based services in the Wi-Fi or mobile network. In addition to setting up a separate application, you can simply turn off the feature completely.

3, reduce the dynamic effect

IOS 7 adds interesting parallax effects, and when you move a device, the wallpaper is slightly offset to produce a 3D effect. But this may also have an impact on your life, and you can turn it off in Settings > general > Accessibility > Reduce dynamic effects.

4, close the mail push

If you don't need to get a push when you receive a message, you can go to Settings > mail, Address Book, Calendar > Get new data to turn off the push, and then in the "Get" column below Select the system to get the message information interval, including every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly, or manually ( Which is never automatically acquired. This setting will save a lot of electricity.

5. Brightness setting

The effect of screen brightness on the endurance is believed to be well understood. You can enter the settings > wallpaper and brightness to adjust the screen brightness to medium, or turn on the automatic brightness adjustment function. In addition, you can do these things in the Pull Control center menu.

6. Close all notices that do not need to be applied

All kinds of apps want to give you a reminder, but many of them are useless and will only make you hate and increase power consumption. So you can go to the setup > Notification Center to turn off unwanted application drives.

7. Turn off all location-based services that do not need to be applied

Positioning has always been a big spender, so you should make sure that applications that don't need it don't use it. Go to Settings > Privacy > Positioning Services, and you can see what applications are available to the service and turn off unnecessary applications. Of course, you can also completely shut down the positioning service.

8, turn off the system function positioning service

Do not know if you have noticed, your device will always be in the background of a lot of positioning, to pass some actually very useless features. You can go to setup > Privacy > Positioning Service and then select the bottom of the "system services" and then you can choose which features you don't need at all, we recommend turning off diagnostics and dosage, location-based iad ads, and popular apps nearby.

9, stop iOS 7 to track your location

IOS 7 has a feature called the geo-fence, which always tracks your most frequented locations, and never caches relevant data in the vicinity. In setting up > Privacy > Positioning Services > System services, you can see where you go most often. If you are worried, you can simply turn off this feature.

10, close the application does not need

Apple's new multitasking feature is easy to use, and it's easier to turn off apps. Apple says backstage apps won't do anything, but if you don't believe it or have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you can double-click the home key to turn it off by sliding up the back end of the application.
If you find that the system has Bluetooth enabled, you can quickly turn it off in the notification center.

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