What about the iphone UC browser flash-back?

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What about Apple mobile UC browser flash-back? UC Browser is the world's largest use of the third party mobile browser, is everyone has always liked to use the browser. Some users use the latest version of the UC browser, there will be a flicker of the phenomenon, that the mobile UC browser why the Flash back? And then, let's put down a little bit to explain why Apple mobile UC Browser flash-back reasons and solutions!

  Apple Phone UC Browser Flash Reason description:

1, the app version of the compatibility issue

Solution: This will have to update the app, or download the latest version directly from this site.

2, the background program runs too much to cause insufficient memory

The advantage of Apple is that it is fast and the system runs smoothly. But the apple memory is the fuselage, the capacity is limited, especially open the program too many times, when the background program too much memory will appear when there is a flash-back phenomenon.

WORKAROUND: Double click the Home key to turn off all apps and then see if it will flash back.

3, yy modified file

This is because of the font inside the reason. Sometimes the replacement fonts in the font is not complete, the system app can not open the application according to the font, this time will flash back.

Solution: Replace the complete and compatible fonts, or change back to the original font, you can not yy.

4, Jailbreak the iphone

The downloaded version is wrong and is incompatible and will flash back.

Workaround: Recognize their application name, usually with the difference between the HD suffix.

5, the mobile phone cache too much rubbish

Any irregular mobile phone to clean up the garbage will cause the memory of the reasons, and even generate a flash-back situation.

Solution: Use system tools to clean up, also can download mobile phone cleaning software.

6. Other Flash-back

This is probably the reason for the third party assistant.

This kind of software is the first to buy software files from Apple, and then you download from it, resulting in different IDs, compatibility failure

Solution: Download directly from the Apple App Store.

  Using PP helper to solve the Apple mobile UC Browser Flash-back method

Use third party tools (such as PP Assistant, itools) into the UC Browser folder under the/documents/profile/homepage/weatherinfov1 directory, delete WeatherInfoV1 file can

Operation Steps:

1, mobile phone connected to the computer to open PP Assistant, in the corresponding mobile phone to enter the application

2, click on the right side of the magnifying glass icon, will pop-up file window

3, in the pop-up file window click to return to the previous level of arrows

4, return to the previous level of the directory/documents/profile/homepage/into the directory, find WeatherInfoV1 files

5, select WeatherInfoV1 Click the right mouse button to delete the file

6, after the deletion of the browser can restore the positive

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