What about the water in Asus laptop?

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What about the water in your laptop?

The picture of startling

See these pictures of startling? Don't doubt it, these are the internal situation of the laptop after the water, when the Asus engineer in the rescue of the user's machine, the picture taken down.

What about computer flooding?

ASUS Computer Service Center Engineers to remind the vast majority of computer users, when the notebook computer accidentally bubble water, when it comes, do not be rushed to the boot, otherwise it will make the damage of the notebook computer more serious, even caused by short-circuit and can not be used again. The correct handler should be to not boot, and immediately remove the external power cord and battery of the notebook computer, if there are external or swap-type module parts (such as optical drive, u disk, mobile hard disk, etc.) also please remove as much as possible, the notebook computer body liquid as far as possible, find a soft wet paper towel or soft cloth will gently wipe the liquid, and try to avoid wear surface, and then use the fan to dry the body and parts (do not use hair dryer, lest the temperature is too high damage to the fuselage), and in the first time to our ASUS Service Center, by trained professional engineers to deal with, so as to reduce the damage to the lowest level. Also remind you that if the laptop bag has been damaged by liquid immersion, do not use it to install the laptop, so as not to cause two damage.

First aid mantra: "Close, dismantle, pour, wipe, send"!

OFF: Power off the computer first

General notebook computer in use after the water, there are two possible conditions: a notebook computer can also be normal use, one is already because of short circuit and automatic shutdown, can not light, or constantly reboot.

In any case, it is absolutely necessary and essential to remove the associated power device (adapter and battery) The first time when this condition is encountered. Most users have an illusion: "The laptop is flooded, still able to use, still can move, ... There should be no big problem, wait for it to be done. " This is definitely a wrong idea, please do not report "There is no problem" this kind of luck, because when the laptop water, you can not confirm that the liquid infiltration to that place? Is there any part of the motherboard that invades the internal precision of the notebook computer (which may be fatal to the laptop)? ASUS notebook computer has a very good internal design, but in order to prevent excessive leaching of water generated by the subsequent situation, please first time to do power off processing, do not continue to use! If the computer does not shut down automatically at this time, please first store the information in your work, and follow the "normal shutdown mode" shut down the operating system. If NB water after a slight smoke situation, that is, the internal zero component short-circuit, this time it is necessary to press the POWER switch button for 5 seconds, forcing the shutdown.

After shutting down, be sure to remove the power adapter except for the connection. In order to avoid the subsequent processing of a sudden situation, do not forget that even the laptop battery must be removed (battery-only removable models).

Demolition: Remove the hard drive and optical drive module with valuable data

Most ASUS laptops are currently in the machine with both hard drives and optical drives. So the second emergency way to do this is to remove your hard drive and the optical drive module after removing the power supply. Because, the hard disk stores your valuable personal data, if the hard disk and the host board connection point also has the liquid infiltration, often will cause the short circuit and causes the hard disk data to damage. Please pull out the hard drive, as soon as possible to send the machine together to the service center, ask the engineer to help you detect the hard disk condition. If the hard disk function is normal, you can also use other tools such as USB external disk cartridge to temporarily access the data on the original hard drive.

Of course, because the user's needs are different, each notebook computer design is not the same, therefore, not every notebook computer hard drive you can disassemble itself. If your notebook computer hard drive can not be removed, you do not worry, please send to our service center as soon as possible, let us for you to do the most rapid processing.

In the figure below, we are using the swap-style ASUS K45 series notebook for demonstration. At the same time, also don't forget, notebook computer is a precise mechanism design, therefore, when you carry out the following actions, you must first the body of the watch, ring, hand ring, such as metal or electronic equipment, to avoid static electricity on the machine two degrees of damage, or caused by scratches and so on.

Remove the screws and open the external protection cover of the hard drive

Remove the screws from the fixed hard drive

Pull the intimate design "pull piece" from the hard drive protection shell on the Asus laptop to back

Push back and lift up, then you can pull it up. Push back and lift up, then you can pull it up.

Pour out the water that's left on the machine

After you remove the power, hard drive, and optical drive, then remember to pour the liquid inside the machine to avoid the erosion of the liquid residue inside the machine. Although such action cannot completely remove the liquid inside the machine, it can pour out most of the liquid that is accidentally infiltrated.

Wipe: Wipe the computer quickly

After emptying the liquid that remains in your notebook computer, please wipe the stains off the surface immediately. Then just find a soft tissue or soft cloth to gently wipe the liquid, and try to avoid wear surface, if your notebook computer infiltration of liquid is sugary beverages (such as coffee, black tea and other beverages), but also need to wipe thoroughly.

Special tip: Please never use the hair dryer in daily life to blow dry notebook computer body and parts, because this kind of blower blowing out of the wind may contain a large number of negative oxygen ions, although this is beneficial to the human body, but will directly affect the chip and other electronic components, even if not immediately problems, But it will also have a negative impact on its long-term use. And the high temperature of the hair dryer, it is possible because the temperature is too high to damage to the notebook computer components. If you want to consider the action of blowing, you can consider using a fan.

Send: Do not try to boot, immediately sent back to the service center to engineer First Aid

Rescue prime Time 24 hours

Laptop water to rescue prime time is within 24 hours, because the notebook is made up of many electronic components of the precision machine, and most of the electronic components of the characteristics of the most fear of the damage to the liquid, once soaked with air contact will bring electronic components of oxidation or short-circuit. Therefore, in case you encounter such a situation, do not delay time. The first time is to do the above self emergency treatment and hurriedly sent to the service center.

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