What are some of the most designed apps in the country?

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As an app fanatic, I have listed the "design sense" of the domestic app 10, which I like more personally. Although not everyone can reach the personal three point standard, but can be seen are the intentions of the work.

What does it mean to have a sense of design? I think it should be a few of the following dimension conditions:

Interface: The UI is beautifully designed, every detail of the interface is finely carved, showing the unique App, some even "useless beauty", download will be reluctant to delete.

Content/function: Exquisite content or unique features will automatically improve the temperament of an App. Including those excellent image editing applications, such as the popular Vsco Cam, its own function determines the user can use this tool to create a rich sense of design products, this is a potential user to create value of the "design sense."

Experience: A comprehensive five-feeling experience of users using the APP, with a crossover but wide range of the top two. The quality of the experience is small to a single line of text to bring you pleasure, large to use the App for their own life state improvement and promotion.

As an app fanatic, I have listed the "design sense" of the domestic app 10, which I like more personally. Although not everyone can reach the personal three point standard, but can be seen are the intentions of the work.

  1. MONO (IOS)

The daily "morning tea" and afternoon teas are on schedule. Very attentive content, choose from some high-quality community and from the media, carefully screened choreography. Each time you need to drag down to load a new content, the interaction is fresh and not burdensome. There will be a lot of time to move your small details, such as feedback called "Chat with us", such as the drop load too often appear when the physical strength of small copy, and the "morning tea" when the imitation Mac Dock effect of small animation and so on. The disadvantage is that the internal structure is not very clear, with the use of easy to get lost in a variety of page switching.

  2. Butter Camera (IOS)

Former as "Food Day Talk", change body butter camera. App from a piece of butter icon can see its unique; with the general watermark plus word App is different, it only gives the basic elements, so that users can be combined into a watermark, but also introduced a number of paid and free high-quality authentic Chinese fonts, plasticity is very strong, the ability to play is also very good. This app's "sense of design" is embodied in its interesting ideas, in which you can see the literary and artistic youth to create a point line with a picture or a literary or Ding photos, you can also use other people to make a picture of the watermark. Also, to "design" a photo from the perspective of typography and message transmission, this is a "design sense." But later knew that a foreign app"studio" already had similar concept, perhaps butter also has the reference.

  3. For a Moment (Android & IOS)

A moment is not a particularly bright App, but it appreciates the quiet manner in which it does things. And the words on the launch page, "The World is beautiful, and you are free," how nice.

  4. Fruit Bank (Android & IOS)

  Small refreshing good thing to share the platform, many like small objects, the interface is fresh and simple. As for the sense of design, it's probably more about the design of the items that are shared.

  5. Want to Go (Android & IOS)

A long time ago, a favorite App, also wins in the content, the main "affordable design." The animation of the refresh is the shark chasing small fish lines, very interesting. Sometimes will not stop on the ground pull refresh, just to see so Meng Flash animation ~

  6. Lofter (Android & IOS)

NetEase produced, many of the products. Lofter gives people the sense of design is mostly from its content, both photographers, designers, gourmet, Traveler's paradise, but also ordinary people to learn, record, grow, share a good place. By the way, Lofter now has a Chinese name "Le Yue", and know that the same is "the" word generation of Ah ha ~

  7. The most beautiful Applications (Android & IOS)

This is not much to say, after two days will be the most beautiful recommended high-quality App. APP fanatics are essential.

  8. Eileen Chang (Android & IOS)

Zhang ailing's work "less handsome" choose to publish in the form of App, I think is a very creative combination. Manuscript part favorite, light yellow paper is a sense of generation, click "Translate" will automatically turn manuscript text into print fonts. The clash of humanities and technology can also make a wonderful spark.

  9. Gezhi (IOS)

Previously thought Gezhi is not developed by the domestic team, later verified yes, I am sorry to mislead you, thank the comments area of the friends to remind. Gezhi can take to remember the morning diary, each lattice can be freely customized, the dynamic effect is very cool, design small to the icon is impeccable.

  10. Kitchen Story (IOS)

Not domestic development, just have Chinese version, love to do Western cargo must. The details page of the recipe is beautifully crafted, like a magazine, with a "sense of design" full. Currently registered words need to get the invitation letter, high quality food App bar. Even if you do not cook, sometimes it is pleasing to open a few eyes.

There are also some such as color camera, down kitchen, nextday, Timi bookkeeping, CI, and so on design and experience are quite good App has known friends said it will not repeat the recommendation. Well-designed apps are most likely to find the right balance in compliance and flexible transformations, and then add creativity and uniqueness to truly design a perfect instantaneous experience between a square inch.

Finally hope that there are more and more design of the App, I also want to refuel!

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