What are the advantages of SSD solid state drive compared with mechanical hard disk

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perhaps SSD (solid state Drive) compared to the mechanical hard drive, the speed rise is really fierce, the computer boot to enter the system from the minute to the full turn into seconds reading time. In fact, the benefits of SSDs is not only in the speed of change, if only hundreds of yuan investment in exchange for these, it is too young!

SSD structure is relatively simple, there is no rotating disc, magnetic head and other complex mechanical mechanism, which mainly by the control Unit and storage unit (flash chip) composed of a simple solid-state electronic memory chip array made of hard disk, so the earthquake resistance is excellent, regardless of the computer in what state, No action will cause damage (except for the fall). But the mechanical hard drive does not say, uses the computer The slight movement may produce the bad way.

And in terms of performance, SSD is not a triumph of mechanical hard drive, if it is considered in all aspects are 100% strong, in some cases but will fool. In fact, super large capacity mechanical hard disk write speed can reach 160mb/s, burst speed can even up to 477mb/s, almost with some low-end SSD equivalent. So why does it feel like your computer is getting faster after you change the SSD? The small file has a significant change in the random performance of the SSDs.

Take a chestnut, SSD's random read delay only a fraction milliseconds, and 7200RPM random read latency of about 7 milliseconds, 5400RPM hard drive is up to 9 milliseconds, reflected in the performance is the speed of the switch machine.

So, let's not assume that SSD improves read and write speed, but that it is in security, small file performance relative to traditional mechanical hard drive has substantially improved. Shortcomings, nor is it not. As long as the hardware is dead, and the data is completely 88, unlike the mechanical hard drive can be opened to save the next.

Incidentally, now many manufacturers have launched the M.2 interface SSD. and m.2 SSD is divided into SATA and pci-e two kinds, although the same, but the performance is very poor. This is mainly within m.2 there are two types of interface definitions: Socket 2 and Socket 3. Socket 2 supports SATA, PCI-EX2 channel Ssd,socket 3 designed for high-performance storage and supports PCI-EX4.

There are differences in the performance of the channel, so be sure to look carefully at the manufacturer's introduction, ask the pre-sales staff, and know what m.2 interface the SSD supports for your device. Buy the wrong word is not only the difference (PCI-E version more expensive), return goods is very bother.

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