What are the best professional stage audio brands?

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What are the best professional stage audio brands?

First, the American speaker brand
1, the Sound/polkaudio (is the world famous audio manufacturing company, one of the world's largest speaker manufacturers, with 65 patents above, the United States brand)
2, Dr. Bose (American brand, founded in 1964, one of the world's first loudspeaker companies)
3. JBL (American brand, world famous old speaker brand)
4, Thiel (American brand, one of the world's top speaker brands, founded in 1977)
5, Westlake Audio (West Lake) (founded in 1971, HiFi world famous audio, won the love of enthusiasts)
6, AR (AR speaker to air-cushion speaker box and famous, with more than 50 years of history, high visibility, good reputation)

TwoBritish speaker Brand
1, Probassco (BA-Si) (Probassco Professional Audio2004 years settled in China, for China's professional entertainment venues and use of people, bring unparalleled quality and quality after-sales service. )
2, ATC (king) {designer Billy Woodman's basic design philosophy condenses on the best and most expensive midrange unit in the world, originating from a professional recording studio, now renowned, the UK's top-of-the-box monitor}
3, Bowers&wilkins/b&w (the world's top ten audio brands, 1966 in the United Kingdom, the British famous loudspeaker brand, the industry well-known brands)
4, tannoy/days Lang (founded in 1926, the world's top ten audio-speaker brand, the world famous Speaker factory)
5, monitoraudio/Fierce card (the unique place of the boom, is the use of all-metal diaphragm units, the famous "Kingo" from needless to say, high-end models of the midrange and bass units, are also used metal cone basin. )
6, KEF (founded in 1961, with its high-performance innovative speakers in the world high-fidelity enthusiasts among the highly respected)
7, harbeth/after the rain attendance (British famous speaker brand)
8. Sir Roger Le (founded in 1947, known as the creator of the classics, is famous for making British BBC Radio monitor loudspeakers)
9, ProAc Noble (ProAc legend began in 1973, the world-renowned speaker brand, positioning in the high-end loudspeaker market. )
10, Spendor (the famous British speaker manufacturer, positioning the high-level speaker market)

ThreeFrench speaker Brand
1, JMLab (Jin Wave) (Jm-lab) is a world-renowned high-level speaker manufacturer, it was founded in France in 1979)
2, the Sound of Dream/visionacoustique (world famous speaker brand)

FourDanish speaker Brand
1. avance/Crown (Danish brand, world famous speaker)
2, dynaudio/Dan (hi-end class speaker brand, across the civil and professional these two areas)
3. dali/Danny (Danish brand, world famous speaker)
4, Jamo (Danish prestige Treasure was established in 1968, is the largest audio factory in Europe)

FiveGerman speaker brand:
1, heco/(Germany, a veteran with more than 40 years of history of the loudspeaker factory. Its production quality and product performance is very elegant)
2. maagnat/Milli (German brand, world famous loudspeaker)
3, ELAC (Germany elac Italian force was founded in 1926, as a sound equipment manufacturers, can be said to be one of the world's most veteran manufacturers)
4. Prestige ALR Jordan,wilson Audio (Darbond brand, world famous loudspeaker, positioning high-end loudspeaker market)

SixItalian speaker Brand:
1. Sonus Faber (Italian brand, world famous loudspeaker)
2, Chario Zhouli (established in 1976 in Milan, Italy, Italy's veteran speaker manufacturers. In the design of the speaker is mainly the science and technology and aesthetic integration, reputation is very good)
3, Opera proud (Italian brand, world-famous speakers)

Seven:Canadian speaker Brand:
1. Energy (a long history speaker manufacturer in Canada, founded in 1973, has an unshakable history of "energy" power has been the Speaker engineering and manufacturing, but also a leader in the field of audio research and development)
2. Mirage Mirage (founded in 1977, is one of the most unique speaker brands in the audio industry)
3. Thyme (PARADIGM) has been involved in the design and manufacture of multiple product areas, and has set outstanding quality standards for products of all levels in the market.
4, PSB (is a Canadian has more than 30 years of historical audio manufacturing Company)
5. Camber (Canadian classic brand)

What are the best professional stage audio brands?

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