What are the differences and connections between domain controllers, member servers, and independent servers?

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Domain Controller,Member ServerAndIndependent ServerWhat are the differences and connections between them? A detailed description is provided below.

1. Domain Controller

The domain controller is the computer that installs the Active Directory. The domain controller is mainly responsible for managing users' various permissions on the network, including logon to the network, account authentication, access to directories and shared resources. The Domain Controller in windowsntserver4.0 can be divided into the primary domain controller (PDC) and backup Domain Controller (BDC) based on its functions. This difference does not exist in Windows2000, and all domain controllers are equal. That is to say, when you add the backup and controller of windowsntserver4.0 to the windows200server domain, it is automatically upgraded to the domain controller. When only one windows2000server server exists in a network, it is generally set as a domain controller.

2. Member Servers

A Member Server cannot be an independent server but a member of a domain. It does not process account-related information, such as network login and identity authentication. It does not need to install Active directories or store information related to system security policies. However, on the member server, you can set access permissions for users or groups to allow users to connect to the server and use the corresponding resources. A member server also runs the windows2000server/advancedserver operating system, which is mainly used for the following types of servers: dedicated servers. Application Server, web server, database server, remote access server, etc. In small and medium LAN, if you do not build an internal Web server, it is rarely used.

3. Independent Server

An independent server is a computer that runs Windows server but does not act as a domain member. That is to say, it is a computer with independent operation functions. On this computer, it no longer provides the account information of other users, nor does it provide network login authentication and other work. An independent server can establish an equivalent network with other computer groups in the form of a working group. when accessing other computer resources, it can also provide its own resources to other computers for access.

When you first install Windows server, you can select a domain controller, a member server, or an independent server. After installation, the server can also be adjusted according to application requirements, that is, the domain control server can be downgraded to a Member Server or an independent server, you can also install the Active Directory on a Member Server or an independent server to upgrade to a domain controller. In this experiment, we aim to build a small LAN for Windows Server. This type of LAN generally only has one server, so this server must be a domain controller.

It is hoped that this article will be helpful to readers in the introduction of domain controllers, member servers, and independent servers.

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