What are the new features of Apple iOS9? Summary of new features of iOS9

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What are the new features of iOS9?

What are the new features of iOS9? iOS9 new Feature Summary

Multi-task processing function of split-screen

The feature is a feature that Apple users have long been calling for, but Apple's split-screen multitasking is only possible with ipad Air 2.

Apple optimizes three features for multitasking:
1, Slide over function allows users to achieve a fast switch between two applications, the feature can be in the ipad Air, ipad Air 2, ipad mini 2, ipad Mini 3.

Spotlight function

Now that Apple spotlight is in the global search position, there will be an entirely new interface at the top of the search bar where you can enter text through the keyboard or use Siri voice to release commands. The entire interface shows the contacts you've talked to recently, the applications you've used, and the places you might be interested in.

Human perception is also the new core function of Siri and Spotlight, which can learn the habits of users. Apple says information about contacts, calendars, Passbook, maps, music, etc. will be aggregated into new features. More importantly, the Spotlight search feature opens the API and searches for information in the app, including apps provided by a third application, to ensure that the information that users search for is more reliable, richer, more humane, and more interactive.
Simply put, Siri has become a smarter assistant, and Spotlight has become a more intelligent search engine, with an optimized upgrade of Siri with a 40% increase in speed and accuracy. Now Siri will have a powerful self-learning function that can be judged not only by your time, location, open app, connected device, but also by predicting your next move. Like the live Apple Demo:
Siri can accurately find a photo or video, search for a time of the picture is also very easy
• When the device is plugged in, Siri suggests a playlist or audio book that you have recently played.
• Support to analyze current open program content and create reminders, such as reminding users to read an article in Safari online
• Music that you often listen to while driving, and can be played automatically when you get on the bus.
* Strange calls, can automatically search for information, compared to the display of the phone number after the antecedents
• Search for potatoes, it will show the contents of the menu application, do not need to open the application
• When you pick up the iPhone in the morning, it will advise you on the application to open according to your daily habits.
• Support for direct search scores, event schedules, movies, unit conversions, application information, etc.

Stronger gameplay

IOS9 has added Gameplaykit, Replaykit, and model I/O capabilities to improve iOS gaming performance in all its aspects.

IOS9 New News application, this is an aggregation of reading applications, Apple's own research and development, users can completely customize the news source, all the attention of news content, will be quickly pushed to the user. The longer it takes, the more accurate the recommended content will be. This feature is currently available only in the United States, Australia and the UK.

Apple Pay

The upgraded Apple Pay supports adding a variety of shopping and catering scorecard and can redeem bonus points. When the device is close to the card reader, Apple pay automatically chooses the relative Integrator card. At the same time Passbook application is renamed as Wallet, used to store a variety of integral membership card,


IOS9 Built-in memo function has been greatly improved, added a lot of practical features, Safari browser and other applications can be added directly to the memo, can add a list of shopping lists, support the launch of the camera to add pictures and so on. The memo has been upgraded to a new Mac, ipad and iphone, with support for ICloud synchronization between Apple devices.

Apple map

Apple Maps to add public transit navigation function, support bus, Subway, train and other means of transport the fact that the navigation function, through the map navigation can quickly find the entrance of public transport and exit. The feature is currently in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and other major cities opened, while China's Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other cities will be the first time to support the Apple map.

In addition, new map apps can help users search for fresh and interesting things around their location, such as restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and various events being held, as well as a place to support Apple Pay.

QuickType keyboard

The QuickType keyboard joins the shortcut Bar Quick Cut feature, which supports more shortcuts and gesture operations when the ipad is plugged into an external keyboard.

Apply to "small"

IOS9 can support users to download applications suitable for their own devices, which means that the application will start faster and smoother, the volume of application is smaller and more suitable for the user's equipment.
Other performance optimizations

• System pre-installed applications using metal technology to enhance the overall visual performance, more fluent and gorgeous.
iphone6 Upgrade the IOS9 system, the battery can be more than 1 hours in daily use.
The iOS9 system occupies less space than the iOS8.
iOS9 update Ultra Low power consumption mode, increase 3 hours of endurance. The power-saving mode will start automatically at low battery time. Automatically extend the usage time.
On the specific release date, Apple said the beta version of IOS 9 for developers was launched today and the public-facing beta version will be launched in July and the official version will be launched this autumn. At the same time, iOS 9 will fit all devices that support iOS 8. More importantly, the size of the IOS 9 upgrade package will be reduced from the previous 4.6GB to 1.3GB, so that the 16GB version of the device can be easily upgraded.

IOS9 new Feature Summary


The map application of IOS 9 joins the public transportation navigation, the support bus, the train, the subway, the ferry and so on transportation, supports the global various regions (including the domestic more than 300 cities).


More "active" Siri can help users manage reminders, music, and apps based on the user's habits, and even make recommendations for application using time and environment.


Apple pay will land in the UK to support the public transport system, can also add points card, Passbook renamed to Wallet (wallet), your credit card, debit card, scorecard, boarding pass, tickets and so can be stored with this.


IOS9 enhances the daily use of various apps and features, including basic app, multitasking, and optimizes search functionality, performance, battery time, and security.


New Home News English will be based on user habits push users may be concerned about the news, the news will be classified by topic, the layout will be a special adjustment, News Application Center content will focus on privacy protection, will not be shared to third parties.


Both on the iphone and on the ipad, IOS9 's keyboard will be added to the new shortcut Bar (www.pc841.com Pepsi), which makes it easier for you to cut, paste, and other basic operations with this heart.


Using Spootlight on the iOS9, your device will make it more exciting to recommend contacts that you've talked to recently, apps you've used, and places you might be interested in.

Split-screen display

With the Split view feature, two apps can be on the same screen, open at the same time, and operate. The new app switching design eliminates the need to close the previous application when opening a second application.


Apple's own development language, Swift, will open the source code this evening and apply to iOS, OS x, and Linux. Not only does Swift provide performance, it also adds a variety of new features.

IOS9 will support all supported iOS8 devices, starting a beta release tonight, which is officially pushed to all users this fall.

A picture to understand the new function of iOS9

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