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With the continuous development of the Internet, through the Web site marketing products are also the phenomenon of being used to, whether it is a traditional enterprise or tourism, real estate, talent, education, electricity business, or almost all through the website for marketing, so the site has become the most important part of the enterprise and industry. So far, a lot of new Web sites are coming online, may also be an industry multiple sites, but in order to exceed competitors or want to let traffic, orders more, many bosses also began to pay attention to site optimization, especially the keyword selection of this piece, may be a lot of sites before the choice of keywords can not be effective, or the effect is not very obvious, So today's topic is the key principle of keyword selection for keyword research.

Soft silver technology believe that the majority of webmaster should know, keyword selection is very important, if a new station keyword selection is not appropriate, the consequences are disastrous, you may choose the keyword few people search, may choose the keyword optimization after the ranking is very high, but the traffic is very small, and even affect the overall site, these are likely to occur. I have in the keyword selection of this piece on the fault, resulting in long tail words than the target word to more than a few times the flow, so in the choice of keywords must do a good job keyword research, so that will not cause disastrous consequences. The following soft silver technology to communicate with you the key words to study the main principles of choice, I hope that the key words to choose the webmaster to play a certain help.

First, not too broad keywords

First, the keyword is not too broad. Encountered customers, many in the choice of keywords are too broad, such as the owners of real estate companies, they want to target the word "real estate" optimization, do travel companies want to "travel" this keyword optimization. I can say for sure, you should forget these keywords, these words are too broad, and these words are very competitive, if you want to put real estate, tourism and other keywords ranked Baidu top 10 or the top 20, is almost impossible, unless a large amount of money consumption.

In addition, even if you are the site of these keywords ranking to the home page, search for such words of the user's goal is not clear, conversion rate is not very high, and the search for real estate people really want to buy a house? The author has been responsible for a traditional enterprise website keyword selection and deployment, through the keyword research found that, Product word and product long tail word difference is huge, search product Word user is very few, and product long tail word search quantity is very many, fully explain broad key words bring the flow is very poor and the possibility of converting orders is very low, so this kind of broad keyword does not suggest a choice.

Second, the main keyword not too long and not too special

Second, is the main keyword not too long also not too special. This is inevitable, in the home page to select keywords should be aimed at the industry's more popular keywords, to note that not too broad, another is if you want to attract more potential users, you aim at the main keyword coverage is not too small.

Many optimization companies like to do so, they guarantee the ranking of customers, but the guarantee is indeed a long tail word, do not use the company name to do the keyword, because not many people will search. Therefore, the main keyword not too long also not too special.

Third, stand in the user's perspective to think

Then, is to stand in the user's point of view to think. Why do you say that? In fact, many web operators and designers because too familiar with their own industry and their products, and then choose the keyword when it is easy to feel that some keywords are user search, but the real user thinking way may be different from the business, such as some special words and industry terminology, the general user may not be familiar with , and will not go to search, but people who sell products every day contact, may feel that the word is very important. Recommended webmaster in the choice of keywords should do a survey, you can ask relatives and friends outside the company or do a market research, ask them in search of such products when they use what words to search.

I have to say that standing in the user's perspective to think about their choice of keywords can bring a lot of help, such as burdock tea This product, many people know burdock tea, may be some people will not go to search for burdock tea, but to search the effect of burdock tea and the role, because users know the Burdock tea this product, but do not know the effect of burdock tea and the role. Therefore, to stand in the user's perspective to think.

Select the most searched and the least competitive keywords

Finally, it is the keyword that chooses the most number of searches and the least competition. To be clear, the most effective keywords are those that compete with fewer pages, at the same time by the user search the most words, such a keyword should be the choice we have to choose, do not choose to compete more Web pages and users to search the number of words, we have to take the current interests as important, about this is not much to say, In short, you have to choose the most frequently searched and the least competitive keywords.

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