What are the methods for monitor maintenance and troubleshooting

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One. Monitor usage Maintenance:

1. Display should be placed as far as possible away from the strong magnetic field, such as High-voltage wire, speakers, etc., otherwise the picture tube is easily magnetized.

2. Use the display to orient the monitor as far as possible, because the display factory adjustment is orient-oriented, so that the monitor is affected by the Earth's magnetic field is the smallest.

3. Dust should be avoided as far as possible, but in use can not be used to cover the display of objects, otherwise the heat distribution does not go out, resulting in the monitor inside the temperature rise too high and damage the machine.

4. Avoid direct sunlight screen, otherwise easy to make the picture tube aging.

5. The contrast can be set to the maximum, but the brightness is best set to the maximum 70%~70%, the brightness is too high for the eye, and shorten the life of the display.

6. Clean screen: Can only use soft dry cotton cloth to wipe the dust screen, pay attention not to use hard items, also can not touch water or cleaning agent wipe, otherwise damage the screen surface radiation and anti-static coating.

7. Clean the shell: with cotton cloth stained with water, do not use any detergent, otherwise the shell will lose the unique luster of the factory.

8. Use master Lu to view display quality and bad points. View the

two. Monitor simple fault handling

1. The screen is not displayed, the front panel's instructions flashing: Check the monitor and the computer signal line connection is firm, and check the signal line of the socket is a pin broken, curved.

2. Display Distortion correction: Today's display is digital control, users can be controlled by the menu to tilt, trapezoidal, linear, amplitude and other corrections. High-grade display can be focused, convergence, color and other corrections.

3. Black screen and display "signal out of Sync range" (Samsung display for example, various brands show different content): When the computer signals out of the display range, the monitor detected abnormal signal to stop working. The user can turn off the monitor, turn it on, and then reset the computer's output frequency.

4. The screen center has the bright spot when shuts down: should send the repair center to repair immediately. This phenomenon is due to the display circuit or the picture tube itself caused by the problem, although not at the time to affect the use, but a long, the picture tube burns, the central black spot, then repair, the warranty period has passed, the user's interests are lost.

5. The screen displays a noise: the degaussing control function is performed on the front panel of the monitor, but do not repeat degaussing within half an hour.

6. Color type not up to 32 bits: Video card problem, check whether the video card has this performance and the driver of the video card is installed.

7. The resolution/refresh rate does not go: In most cases, the problem is used. First check the video card and monitor the driver isNo installed (if supplied by manufacturer), then check if the video card and monitor can achieve the required performance according to the instructions. If all is OK, that is monitor malfunction, can only contact repair center to solve.

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