What are the techniques for daily maintenance of CRT monitors and LCD monitors

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  CRT monitor

CRT monitors need to be aware of the following issues in their daily use:

1.CRT monitors should be aware of moisture, long-term use should also be regularly energized to disperse the moisture in the monitor.

2. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the display, so that the screen display is not too bright, to avoid the rapid aging of the picture tube.

3.CRT display should be away from the magnetic field, lest the picture tube magnetization, appear jitter, flicker and so on.

4. To prevent direct sunlight on the display surface.

5. Pay attention to ventilation and cooling, to avoid the use of the display time too long burning internal components.

6. Set the refresh frequency and resolution, to avoid exceeding the scope of the display can withstand, damage to the display.

7. Reasonable Plug and pull the monitor plug, no live open back cover.

  LCD monitor

The following issues need to be noted when using an LCD monitor:

1. Use the recommended best resolution. Because the LCD display principle and CRT display is not the same, only in the best resolution to achieve the best results.

2. Avoid impact Monitor. The screen of the LCD monitor is very fragile, so avoid strong shock and vibration.

3. Clean the screen properly. If found on the screen surface stains, can be stained with a little water soft cloth gently wipe it off, do not spill water directly onto the screen surface, to avoid water into the LCD display led to a short circuit.

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