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Programmers have been a high salary to enjoy the envy of the occupation, but with the continuous progress of science and technology, the process of development into a person can be involved in the industry, as long as the short-term training, you can become a primary program designers, the past high pay Halo has gradually receded, More thinking began to turn to the programmer's survival problem. Huge work pressure and boring code, so that more and more of the original program is not interested in programming designers, began to consider career change. So, what can programmers do to change careers? The author summed up, pointed out a few way out:

One, do software marketing. Marketing is a small company lifeline, if the main purpose of small companies is to survive, then, marketing is undoubtedly one of the main sources of survival. If you have done a few years of software design, mastered a number of basic business knowledge, at the same time, have a certain degree of communication skills, to do software marketing is a good choice. The challenge and opportunity of marketing work coexist, according to incomplete statistics, now a lot of big company CEO is starting from marketing his career.

Second, to engage in training. Training is becoming more and more graduates from the campus to the Society of one of the springboard, this is the sadness of Chinese education, but for some people, this is also an opportunity, we look at the success of Beida Bluebird can be seen: training market potential unlimited. Master some popular technology, participated in a number of powerful projects, while the teacher this career long longing for the programmer, training is his display talent, get a high salary platform. You may not be such a tech developer, but as long as you can develop a bullish developer, believe that you can go smoother on the training path.

Third, advisory services. Technology in the development of scientific and technological ideas are also developing, before the world is the technology, but now, technology is no longer leading the trend, more and more companies turn to operate services. Microsoft proposed S+s,saas etc, make people more and more feel, just develop a full-featured software is not enough, service is the ultimate guarantee of enterprise survival. So, programmers use their own basic knowledge, can be in the advisory services this way out of their own world. But from a personal understanding, this industry seems to pay more attention to academic qualifications.

   Of course, there are a number of other industries that can be chosen by programmers who want to change careers, and the above three are just the choices that individuals think do not throw away the original basics. As a career change person, first of all should be clear about their interests, whether they will have passion to do after the career. If there is passion, coupled with diligent study, believe that all people can achieve their own career. Add a little more, a person, happiness is the most important, find to make oneself feel happy career. What is a successful person, is: "To do their own hobby, and to obtain remuneration," the material spirit of two not mistaken, in order to appreciate the flavor of life.

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