What details should students pay attention to when they buy a laptop computer?

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If from the application of the demand, the student group for the Notebook is the game and video, although the choice of a game this word these two problems can be solved at the same time, but in fact the two types of applications focus is not the same, which means that the configuration requirements for the game is not the same. On this basis, student users of the price section of the trend is very obvious, below we will talk about these issues.

  Appeal 1: Game application

  Key words: Medium and high-end graphics cards, large screen

How to determine the level of the machine graphics card? First of all, Nvidia, take gt950m as an example its first digit of 9 represents this is a generation of products, and performance is irrelevant. The second digit represents the performance level, according to the increasing law from 1 to 9, gt950m can only be used as the low-end graphics card, this level of graphics card will let you play a lot of work when the performance is very laborious. So that if the budget allows the choice of gtx965m, gtx970m such high-end alone is kingly, but in fact for the student users gtx950m, gtx960m has been fully enough, the most critical high-end graphics models are mostly more expensive, It's really hard to pay for a student group with a limited budget.

  It is important to choose the game's big screen and video card

  Appeal 2: AV

  Key words: IPs screen, large capacity hard disk, high quality speaker

We have always heard a description of the type of book is called "Game video", but in fact, a notebook for fans and video fans of the focus is not the same. For example, play games 80% to rely on graphics cards, but if you do not intend to expand or external, the nuclear chip graphics card has been able to easily smooth the playback of high-definition movies, which stems from the core graphics card has been built into a fully functional hard decoder, in other words, video fans to buy a notebook may not necessarily

  Lenovo Y700 equipped with JBL speakers

So what is necessary for a video fan? In the author's view, first of all this book must use IPS wide viewing angle panel, if you use the TN panel will appear open angle small screen black, open angle big screen and white, want to see the normal picture will need to adjust half-day. At the same time recommend the choice of fog screen, after all, if you want to find a café lazy to stay in the afternoon, mirror screen reflection will let you very collapse.

Second, the audio and video fans to purchase notebooks, you can pay more attention to those professional speakers or sound brand logo, such as HP launched the Shadow Elf game, on the launch of the Danish Royal B&o speakers, Lenovo Y700 is equipped with JBL speakers. And after listening to the comparison, it is really better than the normal notebook speakers a section. Finally for the video fan is very important is hard disk space, many fans have the habit of collecting classic movies, happily now equipped with 1TB (1000GB) hard disk notebook everywhere, and the price is not expensive, simply for the audio-visual enthusiasts are specially prepared.

  Appeal 3: Price/performance

  Key words: 5000--6000 yuan

Student user group for cost-effective is very important, of course, cost-effective is not blindly low price, take the student users, they do not seek the ultimate low price, but expect in 5000--6000 yuan this price file to buy the highest performance models, For example, most students want to be able to buy at the price of 6000 Yuan i7 four core (standard pressure) plus GTX9 series of unique models, in addition to the overall appearance of the design must also have personalized characteristics.

Objectively speaking, in the market today can meet these characteristics of the product is very rare, and the HP Shadow Elves and Acer V5 series is one of the few products that can be achieved, so if the majority of students have a new plan, the two models is the first choice.

  Appeal 4: Yan value

  Key words: color, personality

Female group is a perceptual group, and in the anthology for the new issue is so, have to say "good-looking" is a lot of women anthology of the first meaning.

After all, after 00, has gradually become the main force in the student community, this is the first batch of electronic products to grow up generation, their learning life is full of various IT products, smartphones, tablets, notebook computers. If you are a student, the electronic products you own will be blamed for the impact on your studies, and now tablets can be seen openly in the classroom as part of the teaching tool.

In such a background, the Student Yan-control faction for notebook computer purchase appeal nature and 70, 80, there will be a big difference, this group will not be very concerned about a certain point, after all, saw and heard the use of too much, so a notebook computer to get 00 after the birth and color control faction of concern, first Yan value must be high, The second is to have a full personality, the final performance to say the past.

  Appeal 5: Self-Study Room

  Key words: thin, light, and low noise

A part of the students are very enthusiastic about the study room, and for this part of the group, the anthology must be as thin as possible, after all, need to rush to the classroom, canteen and dormitory between, and self-study room table Generally speaking width is relatively narrow, so the form must meet the characteristics of light and light.

Second, the book must be as long as possible, although the study room is equipped with socket plug board, but basically the notebook is now a hand, so the socket and the board must be very tight, went to study room students know that the socket plug plate must be suitable for the seat, but by a variety of exotic flowers occupied by the law of the University study room, This is clearly a task that is impossible to accomplish.

Finally, your laptop must satisfy the small noise characteristics, imagine everyone in the quiet study, your notebook is buzzing, this is obviously not a polite behavior.

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