What do four famous books tell us

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A Dream of Red Mansions tells us that all those who really love each other are finally broken up; all those who mix and match randomly are finally reunited. Travelogue to the west tells us that all monsters with backend are turned into success; all monsters without backend are killed by monkeys. "Water Margin" tells us that we can't do it only in the white road, but not in the black road. What we do is the black and white road and the collusion between the officers and bandits. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms tells us that the mighty soldiers will only be brilliant for a moment, and the mighty soldiers will be able to make the world a better place. Time tells us: Take good care of yourself in busy days. Life is like a game. In the first half, education, power, position, performance, and salary are higher; in the second half, the ratio of blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol decreased. In the first half, everything went well and listened. In the second half, people were waiting for their lives. I hope you can take both sides into consideration. Health Check is required if you are not ill, drink water if you are not thirsty, and try again if you are bored.

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