What do you do for research?

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What do you do for research?

The whole ~ Borrow ~ Learn ~ Change

One: whole, resource integration!

How many resources can you integrate, how many channels, you will get how much wealth in the future!

Second: Borrow, shipbuilding is better than to borrow a boat across the river.

A trend that cannot be stopped;

Make a choice, be wise!

Three: learning; today's entrepreneur, win in learning, wins in change!


One; In 1991, Kodak, a multinational company, was a ten-year leader in technology, but filed for bankruptcy in January 2012.

The former mobile phone overlord, Nokia is teetering on the brink of collapse.

Li Ning, who has ceased to study since 2003, sold Hong Kong mansions on July 10 last year and was forced to mount a two-degree mountain. I do not know whether the old-age Li Ning can tide over, save the precarious "Li Ning"?

The Ancients cloud: Rich do not learn rich not long, poor not learn poor endless!

Four: Change, if you want to change your pocket, start with your head!

This society has been the elimination of educated people, but will not eliminate the learning ability to change people!

What do you do for research?

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