What do you do when you can't open a Web page every day?

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Every day is a very good player, small series has been used, but occasionally there will be some problems, such as the web version of the music can not open, the following small series on this issue as an example to share a little personal experience bar, I hope to be able to help everyone.

Every day beautiful Web page version cannot open the solution:

1, the use of computer anti-virus software repair, each anti-virus software function is not the same, but is roughly the same, open the Toolbox, and then click inside the computer repair, and then will come out a lot of problems, select can not be online to listen to songs and Web pages can not open to repair, so that the problem could be solved.

2, if the network is disconnected, you can check the network and resolve the reconnection.

3, clear browser cache information, may be due to a large number of cache garbage is the browser running problems.

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