What do you mean, codepage=936?

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<% @LANGUAGE = "xxx" codepage= "936"%>
Generally divided into <% @LANGUAGE = "VBSCRIPT" codepage= "936"%> and <% @LANGUAGE = "JavaScript" codepage= "936"%> two kinds. Language= "VBScript" and "language=" JavaScript, stating that the programming scripts currently used by ASP are VBScript and JavaScript respectively. It is generally stated in the first line of the procedure. When the script is declared, all of the following programs use all the syntax that conforms to the scripting language, which cannot be confused or error. When we write ASP, we generally do not qualify, because we often write different scripts on an ASP page, of course, at the expense of execution efficiency.

CodePage: readable/writable. Integral type. Defines the code page that is used to display the content of a page in a browser. The code page is the numeric value of the character set, and different languages use different code pages. For example, the ANSI code page is 1252, the Japanese code page is 932, and the Simplified Chinese code page is 936. Under normal circumstances, when you upload a foreign web page space, or extract the database records and other garbled, this method is used to solve.

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