What do you mean open source

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Yesterday one did. NET on C # programming man told me that Open source features 2: Open community, you can ask questions and discuss; Code disclosure.

My roommate is pretty hanging, I have time to learn C #, what a good language. But recently (away from home for the new Year only three weekends), I must be small four to proofing out, the program can go home slowly write, things have to do first.

"Microsoft is very wretched," my roommate said, "His purpose is to make the customer easy to use, from the drag control, to the back of some frameworks are." It changes language every two or three years, change a technology, if you follow the MS, just wait to learn new technology every day.

"Ms out of. NET This framework is very wretched, you Java can be cross-platform compatibility, right?" My side Whether you are c/c++/python/vb.net/php/c# (nonsense)/..... As long as you are a language, compiled into a DLL to come in. NET Framework can be used. "Look at him a few C # writing software, quite fun." The core algorithm was written by users of the DLL on the Internet, he used C # set up a platform to realize it.

What do you mean open source

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