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VoLTE that voice over LTE, it is an IP data transmission technology, without 2G/3G network, all the services hosted on the 4G network, can realize the data and voice services under the same network of unification. In other words, 4G network not only provides high-speed data services, but also provides high-quality audio and video calls, the latter requires volte technology to achieve.

VoLTE is a voice service based on IMS. Because of its support of multiple access and rich multimedia service, IMS has become the core network standard architecture in all IP era. After the development of the past few years, IMS has now crossed the Rift Valley, becoming the mainstream choice of fixed voice domain Vobb and PSTN network, and it has been determined by 3GPP and GSMA as the standard architecture of mobile speech.

It is essentially different from 2G and 3G voice calls. VoLTE is an end-to-end voice scheme that is structured on a 4G network with full IP conditions. VoLTE compared to 2G, 3G voice calls, voice quality can improve about 40%, because it uses high-resolution codec technology. VoLTE provides users with lower access latency (waiting time after dialing), down 50% from 3G, about 2 seconds, and 2G times in 6-7 seconds. In addition, the drop rate of 2G and 3G is frequent, but the volte of the line is close to zero.

Video call is not to mention, 2G, 3G era has not been achieved, it seems that the 4G under the volte technology or will change the status quo, but the future can really be as popular as the voice phone, but also to see the mobile 4G network construction and depth of coverage. Second, the video call environment in the country also needs a certain training time, after all, this is still a small range of needs.

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