What does a router relay mean?

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  What does it mean to relay?

In a literal sense, relaying refers to a relay station in between two lines that connects the two lines, like a road that is blocked by a large river, and the bridge erected in the middle is equivalent to a relay station.

Professionally speaking, relay once we are mainly mentioned in the field of communication, relay (relay) is a transmission channel between two points, these two points is usually the switching center. A trunk is a physical connection that hosts multiple logical links. With the development of science and technology, the concept of relay is not only used in wireless communication, the trunk of network communication switch can also be called a relay, for ordinary users, may be able to contact or understand the wireless router relay function.

  What does a router relay mean?

Router Relaying is a wireless relay mode of wireless router, which is the function of relay in the network connection, and can relay and enlarge the signal, thus extending the coverage of wireless network.

In short, the router relay is the combination of more than two wireless routers to achieve the signal relay and amplification, so that wireless network transmission coverage of a wider range. Relay multiple wireless routers, through the interval of a certain distance, so that each wireless router has a variety of signal coverage, so as to play the role of wireless signal.

For example, the home has two floors upstairs and downstairs, if only one wireless router placed on the first floor, then the second floor to receive the signal may be relatively weak, and the third floor may have not been able to search the wireless signal, if we again deploy a wireless router on the second floor, this can significantly improve the second floor wireless signal, And the third floor can also be covered.

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