What does DNS mean? DNS how to set up

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Do not know if you have not used to set up DNS to maximize the speed of computer network optimization, set up DNS everyone is relatively unfamiliar, because generally also rarely mentioned, because the computer is generally the default is to automatically obtain DNS, do not need us to set up, but we should have heard that the computer can be on QQ but not open the Web page, These are also related to DNS settings Oh, what do you mean by editing the following DNS? DNS how to set up.

  What does DNS mean

DNS is the abbreviation of domain Name System, is a core service of the Internet, it is a distributed database that can map domain name and IP address to each other, it can make people access the Internet more conveniently, without remembering the IP string that can be read directly by machine.

  How does DNS set up

Here are 2 ways to set up DNS settings, one for manual settings and one for software settings.

  Method One: Manually set up DNS

  How the Windows XP system enters DNS settings:

Start-Control Panel-network connection-Local Area Connection-(right) Properties------Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)-Properties we can see the default settings. You can also enter from the Network Neighborhood on your computer desktop, and enter the DNS settings interface as follows:

  Vista or Windows 7 systems Enter the DNS Setup method as follows:

The entry method is essentially the same as Windows XP, Start-Control Panel-network and Share center-view status after local connection-(right) Properties-Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPV4)-Properties can be set up, as shown below.

After entering the settings, we can manually modify, start by default is automatically obtained, if we need to set up DNS, we need to select "Use the following DNS server address (E)" Before you can fill in the DNS address.

DNS How to set up, how to fill in the address?

Then how to fill in the DNS address? As the above figure is filled in the Shanghai Telecom region users of the DNS address, we can according to their location of the actual broadband operator DNS server address settings, you can contact the network operators to obtain, but also through the Internet to find information to obtain, generally easy to find, This is not covered in detail here. Let's introduce a way to set up DNS using the software below.

  Method two; Use software to set up DNS

The method described above many friends feel some trouble, there is no better way? The answer is yes, we can use the software to automatically set up, it is more convenient, and can automatically find out the fastest response time in the vicinity of the area of DNS. Using software settings is convenient for friends who travel frequently, without having to set up one address at a time.

It is recommended that you use the comet DNS optimizer to automatically find the most matching DNS connection and set it up automatically after you install the software.

Comet DNS Optimizer

The Comet DNS optimizer tests DNS speed and enables the fastest DNS address for automatic connection response times

The bottom of the status bar will show, "Speed is in progress, please wait ..." There are a total of 1919 built-in global DNS server IP addresses, the entire testing process is about 2 minutes to complete. It will then automatically write you the minimum delay of 10 addresses to your system, and then prompted the "Automatic Setup is complete" very convenient, you can maximize the optimization of our network response speed.

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