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I would like to summarize some of my recent experiences with msdn webcast. Of course, we can see Microsoft's efforts in Chinese, but there are always things that shouldn't happen on webcast,I think it's not just Microsoft's face.Of course, we can't say anything for free. I hope that you can check the quality of your work at ordinary times.

First, I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by all the webcast recording staff. Here, I just pointed out some places that do not seem to have happened. At the same time, we hope that Microsoft Chinese can bring more high-quality works to our. NET developers.

1. The "Happy three-person" series tells the story of workflow. Fortunately, I pointed out the PPT error directly, or I couldn't see it. In addition, the webcast seems to be very fake. It seems that two people are remotely talking, and the sound effect is not very good. However, I especially like the happy Asp.net new feature series. I feel very prepared, although the question is not very difficult.

2. the demo failed. In office2007 workflow, the workflow designed with pointdesigner failed to run in WSS. Finally, it only explains what the results should look like because of the time relationship. I don't think so. In addition, some content is the same as the offline English lecture. I think it's not just as easy to translate Microsoft's Chinese webcast.

3. the effect is that the workflow of office2007 cannot be clearly displayed. It seems that it takes two seconds to get started. Although the explanation is due to network reasons, it is not so outrageous, should I consider changing a machine or using a better recording tool?

4. The speed is slow, and the Remote Desktop seems to be okay. As for the speed of virtual machines, it is not flattering. The slow speed mentioned above is also affected by this.

5. the MSN prompt in the lower right corner of the webcast is displayed, who is online and will jump out, And the MSN prompt is displayed during the demonstration, it seems too irresponsible. Anyway, during the demonstration, I always shut down all the services and cleaned up the desktop.

6. Quality and quality. Why are all files of the same size, and the picture quality difference is so big? Sound should use a better mic, and some sounds will be small in a moment, impacting the eardrum I think this is definitely not the purpose.

7. negligence? Some downloadable webcast files have already said that the corresponding code will be provided for download when this webcast can be downloaded, but many of them have not seen it yet. If it is specific, it will not be pointed out, hope it is not a negligence at work. In addition, if the Code cannot be published for some reason (maybe not), should I explain it somewhere on the download page?

8. still neglected? About 40 minutes in the Excel services lecture, the host did not know that the screen was not switched to the desktop. As a result, he showed me the PPT for a long time.

Also, if the speed is slow, sorry, sorry, due to the time relationship, it seems that there are more webcast than those in other countries.

I have read webcast in English and feel that foreigners are very serious when doing these things. Of course they are not rigid. They speak very fast. However, if they are of interest to me, 80% I can understand. However, if you do not know what column and content type are in WSS V3 at the beginning, it may take some effort. In addition, I would like to give some comments, that is, whether or not I can give a theoretical explanation after a demonstration during webcast. I think it is better for everyone to read the theoretical knowledge with questions after watching the demonstration.

Besides: Do you still remember the first advertisement in Microsoft zhongwen? A snake from the optical drive, for the first time, I was shocked by the fact that the snake stretched its head. Later on, although it was ant, it was not so scared. Some time ago, someone went to the United States, and its role was reflected on Microsoft's website.

In addition, the video lectures on the Microsoft Chinese student website seem to have not been updated for a long time, and there seems to be no. net2.0 was just released at that time.

Like ocesastudio.net video demonstration, it should be made using screen recording software, Flash format, looks very clear, the impact of recording and sound effect is good, and the speaking speed is kept at medium speed.

These are my recent experiences with webcast. I have mentioned some of my predecessors who have never been here to deny your work, the younger generation can learn so much today that most of them rely on the merits of their predecessors. However, I would like to remind them that even if they are busy with their work and have more tasks, they should make a good arrangement, for these external releases, you are not only representing Microsoft Chinese.

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