What does the network loss rate mean?

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The data packets formed on our network are transmitted to another database via the channel, which is generally transmitted over the network for some reasons, such as the distance is too large to produce a small number of packets are lost, and most of the packets were successfully transferred to the terminal database. In this way, a network packet loss process is formed. and the size of packet loss and transmission packet size is the network packet loss rate. For example, a factory buys a car in a and then transports it to B, because of the porter handling and other reasons for this batch of goods and in a place of the measured number less, this process is the loss of the goods, that is, the network lost packets, and the loss of the total amount of goods and goods ratio is the network packet loss rate. Usually these are just wear-and-tear consumption, which is normal.

How to query network packet loss rate?

Click on the taskbar "Start-run", enter the cmd command on the Run dialog, execute the command to open a command prompt, type "ping [Web address]" in the interface, and display the last line (x loss) is the drop rate of ping packets to the destination address.

How to solve the network packet loss rate?

Network packet loss is that we are in the use of ping (detection of a system can be normal operation) to the target station to inquire, packets for various reasons in the channel lost phenomenon. Ping uses an ICMP echo request and an Echo reply message. An ICMP echo Request packet is a query sent by a host or router to a specific destination host, and the machine receiving the message must send an ICMP echo reply message to the source host. This inquiry message is used to test whether the destination station is reachable and to understand its status. It should be noted that Ping is an example of a direct use of the network layer ICMP, which does not pass through the transport layer of UDP or TCP.

1, physical circuit failure

If the loss of the network caused by a physical line failure, it indicates that the fault is caused by the line supplier, and need to contact the line supplier to solve the problem as soon as possible. Contact your service provider to solve the problem of network packet loss.

2, equipment failure

The equipment aspect mainly includes improper software setting, network equipment interface and optical fiber transceiver fault caused. This situation can cause the switch port to be in a panic state. Then you can replace the fiber module and replace it with a new one.

3, the network is blocked, congested

When the network does not give the power, the transmission of data over the network, the network will lose more packets, usually routers are occupied by a large number of resources caused. The solution is to show the process CPU and shows process mem, and generally find that the IP input process takes up too much resources. You can then check that the fast switching is disabled in the large traffic out port and, if it is, it needs to be reused. Use the show interfaces and show interfaces switching commands to identify a large number of packets in and out ports. Once you are sure to enter the port, open the IP accounting on the outgoing interface look at its characteristics, if the attack, the source address will change but the destination address is unchanged, you can use the command "access list" to temporarily resolve such problems.

4. Routing Error

The path error of the router in the network also causes the packet not to be transferred to the host database normally. This is a normal situation and the data lost is small. So the user can ignore this data drop packet, and this also cannot avoid.

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