What does the PF use mean, how to reduce the PF usage rate

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  What is the use rate of PF?

Pf:page file, pagefile (virtual memory) PF Usage: value of the amount of space that virtual memory has already used

  What is the reason for the high utilization rate of PF

Although PF is called virtual memory, it will still occupy a lot of space when it is too large, and it will have a great impact on the speed of the computer when the PF usage is too high. The reasons for the excessive use of PF can be as follows:

  One, the memory is too small

There is really too much data in memory, such as 128M memory Run XP.

  Second, there are a large number of resident memory programs and automatically loaded services

A lot of people a boot, what QQ, MSN, BT, EMail, Thunder ... Open a large number of programs, these programs and services will occupy a considerable portion of memory space, resulting in a large number of data needs to be written to the paging file, and the PF is too high.

  Third, the system setup is not excellent

This may also be the cause of the high use of PF.

How to reduce the use rate of PF

  Processing method:

1. Killing virus.

2. Use tools such as Super Bunny to uninstall rogue software (such as 3721 Internet assistants).

3. Optimize the operating system using tools such as Super Bunny or Master Optimizer.

3. Use memory optimization software to automatically organize the memory (inside the Super Rabbit with one).

  Experience Summary:

Pf:pagefile (virtual memory) when the physical memory is not enough, put those temporarily unused data on the hard disk it is similar to physical memory, the best way to reduce the PF usage rate is to increase memory.

PF usage is the amount of paging file that is used by the system. You can increase the size of your paging file if your computer is running near the maximum.

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