What exactly is Facebook and Twitter winning?

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In just a few years to gallop in the strong, such as the internet market, and rise so fast. That shows what.

Facebook and Twitter are getting such impressive results in such a short time.

Appendix 1:

established: 2004 February 4; industry: Internet; region: United States California State ; main business: Social network services.

Company Address: Palatustanfo Research Industrial Park, California

Facebook (unofficial Chinese name: Face book, Facebook or non-trial, non-dead) is a social networking services website, launched on February 4, 2004.

From September 2006 to September 2007, the site ranked from 60th Place to 7th place in the U.S. website.


Appendix 2:

Product Name: Twitter; Release date: 2006 ; company: obvious; price range: free; consumer: netizens.

Twitter, a typical application of the recent rather popular microblogging service, is an online service that allows you to broadcast short messages to your friends or "followers".

It also allows you to specify which Twitter users you want to follow so that you can read the information they publish on a single page.


Five possible monetization models for Twitter


Appendix 3:

  Facebook vs Twitter-[Translate this page] Jan 2009–should you Choose between Facebook and Twitter?
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Twitter. com/Facebook-Web page snapshots-similar resultsFacebook vs Twitter infographic-digitalsurgeons.com-[Translate this page] Facebook vs Twitter infographic. Like this infographic? Check out our Holiday spending infographic.
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