What file is XPS?

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The XPS is a new Microsoft file format that competes with Adobe's PDF format. This format is based on WinFX, which requires that the WinFX component (that is, Microsoft.NET framework3.0) be installed in the system. Windows XP does not own the component, so it must be installed separately. Open XPS file is not necessarily IE 7, as long as the installation of WinFX components directly in IE 6 can be opened.

XPS is the abbreviation for XML Paper specification, an XPS is a specification for document saving and viewing developed by Microsoft. This specification itself describes the format and the rules that are followed for distributing, archiving, displaying, and processing XPS documents. The most notable feature is that the subscript language used by XPS is a subset of the XAML used by WPF, so the methods used to display Windows applications can be used in XPS documents.

  How do I open an XPS file?

As a vista and Win7 user, you can browse the XPS file directly: Click the Start menu, enter the XPS Viewer in the Search box, click Run Software, and select the file you want to open in the main interface to read.

As a user of other operating systems, you need to download the XPS viewer software.

The XPS Viewer is a reader in the XPS format, XPS, XML Paper specification (XML file specification), a Microsoft-launched electronic file format that allows users to browse or print the file without having to have the software to make the file, and Microsoft against Adobe A tool in PDF format. Microsoft's next version of Office software Office 12 will provide file storage in the XPS portable file format, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Visio, OneNote, And the files saved by applications such as InfoPath can be stored as XPS.

Using XPS, you can electronically distribute the files produced in Word software, regardless of the other's computer and environment, to the extent that the original image is correctly displayed. Files in XPS form, even if the other person does not have the software to make the file, can be viewed or printed as long as the XPS Viewer (playback software) is installed for free.

Formats used in XPS are part of the XAML (<<3 (2) >> presentation Foundation) that is used in Windows Vista painting engine WPF (extensible Application Markup Language) is a scaled-down version (subset) that can be used directly by drawing commands such as Windows application software.

To generate an XPS file, simply use the printing function of the file-making application, specify "microsoft XPS Document writer" (or a compatible XPS build engine) in the printer and print it.

XPS was introduced from Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 released in January 2007. Microsoft is open to the design of XPS, who is free to develop the application software using XPS.

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