What Twitter is, how Twitter registers

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What Twitter is, how Twitter is registered, some netizens may not know Twitter very well, this article introduces Twitter and hopes to help friends who want to know.

  First, what is Twitter?

 Twitter is a Web site for social networking and micro-blogging services abroad. It uses wireless networks, wired networks, and communication technologies for instant messaging, and is a typical application of micro blogs. It allows users to send their latest developments and ideas to mobile phones and personalized site groups, not just to individuals. In 2006, Evan Williams, the founder of the blog technology Pioneer Blogger.com, founded the new company obvious launched the big scarf service. In the early stages, the service was used only to send text messages to friends ' phones.

  Second, how to register Twitter

Knowing what Twitter is, then how do we sign up for Twitter and how to use it?

1. Before you use Twitter, you need to register your account first. Open "http://twitter.com/" This page, click the (get started-join!) button and start registering.

2, please in "username", "password", "email address" fill in your account number, password, Email address, and then in the Picture piece validation field input red box in the text, if you do not understand, you can click the button, let it back to produce new patterns.

When you are finished, check "i want the inside scoop..." and then press (i accept. Create my Account) button

3, after the registration, it will ask you whether you want to invite other people to Twitter, please click on the bottom of the "skip" first jump this step, you can invite again later.

4, successfully registered after registration, login to the network station, you can "what are you doning?" Enter what you want to say in the field and press the (update) button to release the information.

5, Twitter has a feature that restricts the number of characters per article must be in 140 words, this is not for long speech, but "broken read." As a result, users on Twitter have created a unique culture and identity.

The above is what Twitter is, how to register the introduction. Of course, there is no direct access to this site, you can through the wall over the Internet or through the agent to Twitter.

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