What good is Office 2016 and office 2013?

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Office 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft's Office software, and many users are unfamiliar with Office 2016, compared with the huge volume of office 2013. As a result, today, the small weave is a comparison of Office 2016 and Office 2013 to give you a complete picture of Office 2016. So which Office 2016 and office 2013 are good? Next, let's take a look at today's tutorial!

Office 2016

1. Office 2016 is highly recognizable compared to office 2013 and earlier versions. Office 2016 matches all of the application's title bars in the suite with the exclusive colors inherent in several applications (it's hard to see that Outlook's title bar is still blue and Microsoft doesn't know what to think about the Outlook's Gold attribute). This is an optional setting, and if you feel that this feature is too dazzling, you can choose to turn it off, and when you turn off this feature office 2016 looks very similar to office 2013.

2. Office 2016 does change in some detail, such as a new application with a "Please tell me what you want to do". text box, this text box is the search engine in the ribbon, it can find the function that you want to use. The disadvantage is that it doesn't tell you the general location of the feature, so you can only use the search function again and again.

3. In office 2016, Microsoft has added several new chart forms to excel, but the export tool for the chart is still in a missing state.

4, in the new version of Office 2016, 32-bit version and 64-bit version are equivalent. But in the past, the advice about Office was: unless you have a very large data report to deal with, it is recommended to use the 32-bit version; now it is: You can make a choice between the two, but a 64-bit version of Office is better suited to handling large data reports and more secure. In office 2016, it's easier to find the features you want to use, but they're not enough to improve the quality.

5, Microsoft Office 2016 as a heavyweight product, its self-confidence does not come from the core functions or a huge user interface to enhance the work of teamwork is the key to their confidence. But it also seems like a cliché, as Microsoft has played a similar tune when it launches office 2013.

6, in Office 2016, Word's collaborative authoring function has improved. Office 2013 supports multiple users editing the same document, but users are struggling to communicate with each other. If a user wants to notify other users of what has changed, he needs to save the changed content and notify other users to refresh the document so that the modified content is displayed. Word 2016 eliminates the hassle of saving and refreshing, and the changes you make are immediately visible in the document. Although there is a certain amount of room for improvement compared with some of the collaborative editing tools on the market, this change has brought great convenience to the users. The test found that word 2016 locks the paragraphs that are already edited by the user, so that different users can only collaborate on different paragraphs, and this setting is strongly contrasted with etherpad and other collaborative editing tools. Currently extinct Etherpad support multiple users at the same time for the same part of the document for collaborative editing.

In office 2016, the interface for working together has also improved a lot. New versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all have a handy sharing button. In addition, the corporate version of Skype is also integrated, and collaborative workers can communicate through voice or video at any time.

Although the user interface has improved, Microsoft has not done anything to improve the collaborative work features of PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft is committed to providing PowerPoint with a more granular collaborative work experience, followed by Excel (there are already some browser collaboration tools designed for Excel). Microsoft did not mention the completion time for the optimization, but Microsoft pledged to deliver on its improved promise before office 2019 was launched, at least to ensure that Office 365 registered users did not have to ages.

6, the last simple list of the advantages and disadvantages of Office 2016 bar:

Advantages of Office 2016

It's still the office!. As long as you like and use Office, you will soon be able to adapt to Office 2016.

Sway is a long-lost forward-looking product in office suits.

Outlook's clutter feature is popular, and it can organize messages.

Disadvantages of Office 2016

It's still the office. So, if you hate office, you also hate Office 2016.

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