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Last week, Mozilla proudly announced the release of a milestone version of Firefox-fennec for the mobile version. This highly anticipated tool can be in the form of pre-Alpha, for Windows Mobile HTC Touch pro. Mobile Web enthusiasts around the world are beginning to test the new browser. However, this is a strange thing. The screen does not show the web pages to be browsed, but a pile of chess blocks.


Startup failed

Test in pcmag
Fennec is installed on two mobile devices. fennec is started twice on any device. However, after being started, only a bunch of chess blocks are displayed on the screen instead
Fennec welcome screen. Scroll to the top left to view the address bar. However, an error is returned after the URL is entered. Use opera to start the modem.
You can see the title entries of different web pages, but the page is still not displayed. Other fennec testers experienced the same problem.

Sascha segan, the columnist for pcmag.com, was reached. Is this a milestone? Good luck to Mozilla people next time.

What's wrong?

Mark Finkle, a member of the mobile team, said the problem seems to be related to memory. He said that Windows Mobile devices have restrictions on memory usage, which is a problem they are currently solving. However, they do not seem to find the real problem that caused the bug. He wrote in his blog that once we find the problem, we will immediately tell you the details in the blog.

In the fennece bug status, the bug still says it has not been assigned to a specific solution. Hopefully this means that the entire fennec team is addressing this bug.

A reviewer of Bugzilla said the error followed by a gfximagesurface error, but was not confirmed by others.

Mobile web is the battlefield for the next round of browser Competition

Interestingly, in the face of a setback, another mobile browser, skyfire
An important version of skyfire 0.9 is being released for Windows Mobile and Symbian.
A new social version has been released. The browser currently supports flash 10, Silverlight, and Ajax (skyfire
It is a server-based transit mobile browser, similar to opera Mini. Theoretically, this browser should support any desktop browser function and truly support flash locally

In the latest upgrade, skyfire provides an entry similar to friendfeed to get the latest news through RSS, Facebook, and Twitter. Its default feeds sources include Digg, ESPN, Google News, Hulu, YouTube and Yahoo! News, which can also be customized by yourself.

In addition to the newer skyfire, there is also a popular heavyweight player in the mobile Web field, opera Mobile, which has been installed on millions of mobile devices around the world.

Although skyfire and opera have not received any attention from Mozilla, innovation in the mobile Web field may come from any company, and the dominant position on the desktop does not mean everything, this is a good thing for mobile Web users.

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