What happens when a 0x800f0907 error occurs when WIN8 installed. NET 3.5?

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In Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, the. Net Framework 3.5 is an on-demand feature. Depending on the functionality of the metadata is contained in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. However, binaries and other files associated with the feature are not included. When you enable this feature, Windows will attempt to download the missing information to install the Windows update for that feature, and you may receive an error.

The network configuration and the installation of the update by the computer in such a configuration environment may affect this process, so you may encounter errors when you first install this feature.


If no other installation source is specified, or is not valid, if the installation and repair component of an optional component specifies that the set Group Policy setting is configured to never attempt to download the payload from Windows Update. ", this error code will occur

To resolve this issue, review the policy settings to determine whether it is appropriate for your environment. If you do not want to download the feature payload from Windows Update, consider the "alternate source path" value in configuring Group Policy settings.

Note You must be a member of the Group Policy Settings Administrators group on the local computer that you want to change. If you control the Group Policy settings for the computer you are managing at the domain level, contact your system administrator.

Please perform the following steps:

1. Start the local Group Policy Editor or the Group Policy Management Console if applicable) in your environment.

2. Expand the Computer Configuration, expand the Administrative Templates, and then select the system.

3. Open installation and repair components for optional components specify set Group Policy settings, and then select Enable.

4. Determine if you will never attempt to download Group Policy settings from Windows Update payload, and then determine the settings that are required for your environment.

5. If you want to specify an alternate file in the Alternate file path box, specify that the shared folder contains a fully qualified path from the content in the Sourcessxs folder of the installation media. Optionally, specify a WIM file. To specify the WIM file for the alternate source file location, add the path of the prefix WIM:, and then add the index of the image you want to use as a suffix in the WIM file. The following are examples of the values you can specify:

Path to shared folder: Server_namesharewin8sxs

WIM file, which 3 of the paths represent the index of the image in which to find the feature file: Wim:server_nameshareinstall.wim:3

6. If necessary, select the Windows Update contact to download the repair content directly instead of the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) check box.

7. Please click or click OK.

8. At the elevated command prompt, type the following command, and then press Enter to apply the policy immediately: Gpupdate/force

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