What if Ali Wangwang can't land?

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"Prompt user name or password error"

Please check that your login name and password are all correct, the password is to be case-sensitive oh, and note that the input do not add extra space, capitalization and input method full angle half angle.

If you are sure that the fill is correct, but you are still unable to log in, you need to retrieve the password and try again:

In addition, it is recommended that you check whether the version of Wang Wang is suitable for Chinese stations, if it is not Alibaba Chinese station, please choose the corresponding login mode, such as: Taobao. Specific operation can refer to the "hint is not Alibaba Chinese station users."

"Hint is not a user of Alibaba China Station"

You can check if your account type is selected correctly, as shown in the following figure. If the verification is correct, still cannot log in:

Ali Wangwang Page-1

Ali Wangwang Page-2

"Wang Wang can not login, the hint is not Taobao users"

You can check to see if your account type chooses the right choice, referring to the above figure.

If you want to sign in to Alibaba China Station, suggest your account type choose "Alibaba China Station" again login again;

If you want to log in to Taobao, we recommend that you check Taobao login name is correct.

"Prompt to connect server timeout"

There may be three different scenarios, please see which one of the following tips:

Tip You are not connected to an Internet network

Is your computer not networked, Ali Wangwang needs to be connected to the Internet to log in.

Prompt to surf through proxy server

You can see if you are using the browser proxy to access the Internet as follows:

1, click the IE browser menu "tool-internet Options", pop-up a dialog box, click on the "Connection" page, and then click the "LAN Settings";

2, if you are the Internet through the proxy, then "Use Proxy Server" Here is the tick (no tick is canceled), and the following "address" and "port" in the corresponding content, please record the "address" and "Port";

3, open Ali Wangwang click "Menu-System settings-Network Settings", select "Enable HTTP Proxy", your record address and port one by one fill in;

4, re-login Ali Wangwang can be;

5, if you can not login, you need to contact network management, in the server Agent software open Ali Wangwang port 16000.

A cow reminder: If you do not use the proxy Internet, then do not set the agent in the Ali Wangwang, otherwise it will affect the login.

Prompted to install a firewall

1. If you have a personal firewall installed on your computer, it may prevent Ali Wangwang from logging in. Just set the Ali Wangwang to allow access to the network in the application settings of the firewall.

2, if you have a firewall installed on the server, please find network management settings, open Ali Wangwang on the server port: 16000.

"Why is Wang Wang not logged in, has been logged in the state?"

If your Wang Wang is not logged in, show the status of the login, you can try the following methods:

If your Wang Wang is not logged in, show the status of the login, you can try the following methods:

1, email click on the desktop to want the avatar, select "Properties"

2, in the pop-up box, select "Find Target"

3, find the installation path under the Profiles folder, click to enter

4, if you need to use more than one member login, you enter the Profiles folder, there will be more than one folder, including the "Cnalichn" at the beginning, plus the name of the folder, is a member of Alibaba China Station login. Find the corresponding login name, click to enter

5, find the name "DB" folder, click on Enter, and then rename the User.db file (arbitrarily modified to other file names, such as "123.db").

6, exit, log back in Ali Wangwang.

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