What if the computer reacts very slowly?

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1, consider the situation of the virus: Restart the computer F8 key option Safe Mode to enter Safe mode-to open your anti-virus software overall anti-virus-so that the more clean kill antivirus;

2, consider the hardware problem: Turn on my Computer-select D disk-Right-click Properties-Tools-defragmentation-Start sorting-analysis (analysis results need to be sorted)-defragmentation can be decorating disk space;

3, the boot running program too much, you can unload some unrelated plug-ins and procedures, in the lower right corner of the Machine toolbar can choose to quit some useless programs, the more open the impact of running speed;

4, if the above have tried not to reload the system it--if necessary, can reformat the partition (save good important things) usually do the frequent anti-virus, diligent scanning exclusion poisoning reasons, in addition to my pocket to see, the Background service optimization. or use software optimization such as Optimization master.

in the process of using XP, the system will run faster and slower over time, some friends may think of reloading the system, but after reloading, so many applications to reinstall, how to install the system without the premise of the operating speed of XP? As long as you do the following nine aspects of operation, I believe that your XP will be again high-speed operation. Www.3lian.com

1, speeds up the speed
of the switch machine

shuts down in Windows XP, the system sends messages to the running program and remote server, telling them that the system is shutting down and waiting for a response before the system starts shutting down. Speed up the boot, you can set the automatic End task, first find Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop, the Autoendtasks key value set to 1; Then there is a "hungapptimeout" under the branch, Change its value to "4000 (or less), default to 50000, and finally find Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrol, also set WaitToKillServiceTimeout to "4000"; The shutdown speed is significantly faster by this setting.

2, Improve broadband speed

The professional version of Windows XP retains 20% of the bandwidth by default, which does not really work for our individual users. In particular, it is better to make full use of it than to be idle.

enter gpedit.msc in Start → Run to open the Group Policy Editor. Find "Computer configuration → admin templates → network →qos Packet Scheduler", select restrict reserved bandwidth on the right, select Properties to open the limit to reserve the Bandwidth Properties dialog box, select Enable, and change the original "20" to "0", freeing up the reserved bandwidth.

3, optimize the Network Neighborhood

Windows XP Network Places use the system to search for their own shared directories and printers that can be shared as a network, as well as scheduled tasks that are related to the network in a schedule task, and then appear so that the speed is significantly slower. These features are not much use to us, you can delete them. Locate the Hkey_local_machinesofewaremicrosoftwindowscurrent Versionexploreremotecomputernamespace in Registry Editor, remove the (printer) and { D6277990-4C6A-11CF8D87-00AA0060F5BF} (scheduled Task), restart your computer, visit your network Neighborhood again, you will find a lot faster.

4, speed up the starting speed

to speed up the start of Windows XP. You can do this by modifying the registry, and in Registry Editor, find Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsession managermemory Managementprefetchparameters, find the Enableprefetcher primary key on the right, change its default value of 3 to 1, so that the scroll bar scrolling time will be reduced;

5, automatic shutdown stop responder

In some cases, XP will prompt you a certain program to stop responding, very annoying, by modifying the registry we can let it shut itself, in Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop the word Fu Jian value is autoendtasks numeric data to 1, Log off or start again.

6, Speed menu display

in order to speed up the display of the menu, we can set the following method: We can find "menushowdelay" PRIMARY key under Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop, change its value to "0" You can achieve faster menu display speed.

7, clear the unused DLL file in memory

in the registry hkkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion, add an item Alwaysunloaddll to the Explorer, and the default value is 1. Note: If the default value is set to 0, this feature is deactivated.

8, speed up the reading ability to improve the boot speed

Windows XP pre-read setting can improve system speed and speed up the boot. The following methods can be used to further optimize the efficiency of the CPU: Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolsessionmanagermemorymanagement],? Refetchparameters the right window, the Enableprefetcher value data is changed as follows, such as the recommendation to use PIII 800MHz CPUs to change the value data to 4 or 5, otherwise it is recommended that the value data be retained as the default value of 3.

9, reduce startup load items

Many applications are automatically added to the system startup group when they are installed, each time the system will be automatic, which not only prolongs the startup time, but also the system resources have been consumed after the boot completes!

Start the System Configuration Utility, and in the startup item, list the items and sources that are loaded when the system starts, and carefully see if you want it to load automatically, otherwise clear the current check box of the item, the fewer items loaded, the faster the startup speed.  This item requires a reboot before it can take effect.

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