What if the cheetah doesn't have free WiFi?

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Cheetah free WiFi Campus artifact is a lot of netizens, especially college students are very fond of the software, it can be the computer network signal into WiFi signal, can also be remote shutdown computer, very practical. And some users reflect the installation of the Cheetah free WiFi campus artifact, mobile phone connected to WiFi, but the internet speed is very slow, only 0 KB, basically not net. What is the cause of this situation? Here to share some solutions for everyone!

Cheetah free WiFi phone connected but not on the network solution:

First, update the Cheetah WiFi version, and if you turn on the Welcome Page customization feature, try turning off the feature before opening wifi.

If you are a campus network user, please use the Cheetah free WiFi campus artifact

1, if you have a firewall installed, the firewall may be caused by the current found that the following firewall will cause your WiFi can not be used: Avast, NOD32, 360 defender Lan Protection, mccafés, AVG

2, if there is no other firewall, try to turn off the system firewall.

1 First, press the Start button to select Control Panel, WIN8 Press Start button +x Select Control Panel.

2 Open the Control Panel, select the upper right corner to the category, and then select System and Security.

3) Click on the System firewall

4 Click on the left to open or close the firewall.

Method 3:

1, the network connection in all the properties of the NIC Liebao wifi NAT driver do not check the selected points to determine, quit the cheetah WiFi reopened, try to have no nets.

2, again Liebao WiFi NAT driver checked back.

3, again open the Cheetah WiFi to see whether the Internet can be successfully.

Method Four

1, adjust the network card IP settings.

Open the network connection to see if there are other network shares, some of which cancel the sharing of other NIC.

2, quit the Cheetah WiFi, open the cheetah WiFi, to see if the Internet can be successfully.

Method Five

1, if there is a multiple gateway IP, such as network comma not recognized network, you need to reset the IP address

2, in the corresponding network card (not necessarily a local connection yo, I just use the local connection example). Right-key, properties.

3, double click on Internet Protocol version 4.

4, pop-up IP settings on the page click Advanced.

5, the default gateway if there are more than one, then all deleted.

If you need to configure a static IP address for this network card after you delete it, reenter the gateway address point to determine it.

Method Six

1, My Computer right key properties, select Device Manager.

2, the Device Manager to uninstall the wireless network card, rescan hardware drivers.

3, wait for the drive installation completed, restart the cheetah WiFi, to see whether the Internet can be successfully.

These methods, are able to solve the mobile phone WiFi speed slow, not on the network problem, we can try!

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