What if the phone is off the toilet? Mobile phone off the toilet treatment method

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What to do with the phone off the toilet

How to rescue a cell phone when it's off the toilet? Just four steps! Take a quick look!

The first step: the mobile phone.

Don't be speechless, with the fastest speed of the most agile fishing out, mobile phone once in the water, need to immediately fished out the phone. The longer the water intake of the mobile phone, the more the internal influent, if the fastest speed can be fished out of the cell phone, it will be eroded to the internal components are less, it is likely that the phone will not be seriously damaged.

Ps. Many people lose their mobile phones to the toilet, feel the toilet dirty, hesitate not to go hand. But if this hesitation causes the handset to miss the best remedial time. Therefore, if the mobile phone is very expensive, the proposal or immediately fished up, wash your hands with hand sanitizer after all, after all, "kidney" expensive AH!

Step two: Remove the battery. Do not press any key, also do not shut down, directly remove the battery.

For non removable battery phones, it is relatively tricky. If you can easily disassemble the battery, you can try, by the way can also see whether the inside of the phone is water (poor hands-on ability, do not try, please refer to step four processing).

Step three: Remove moisture.

Remember, do not use a hairdryer or bake near the stove, because the external heat will damage the precise electronic components inside the phone. The correct way is to use a clean towel to wipe quickly, to ensure that the water will not flow into the charging port, headphone holes and other sockets.

Fourth step: Drying treatment.

Put the phone in a dry bag for 24-36 hours, or even longer. This is a simple and convenient, the most easy to operate the emergency strategy.

If it is an iphone or other removable battery cell phone, you can dry it and put it in the rice!
No accident, after one night, your mobile phone will be intact. Of course, this method is not to solve all the problems, such as the mobile phone off the toilet, not the first time to remove the phone, resulting in serious water inside the phone, the phone has been damaged, this situation can only be taken to repair.

The method of clearing the cell phone to remove the detector

First, to find a cloth or toilet paper, the first hand and mobile phone surface clean;

Second, the mobile phone to water treatment

First to protect the mobile phone is important, simple to deal with the surface, the toilet will be placed in the dry bag for about 24-36 hours to water, or even longer. This is a simple and convenient, the most easy to operate the emergency strategy.

After three, you can clean up the hands of the smell, hands need to use soap or hand sanitizer cleaning for 10 minutes, so you can remove the smell of mobile phones.

Four, wait 24 hours, the phone from the bag to take out, to see whether the phone can be normal boot, if it can be used normally, but the phone has a peculiar smell, you can follow the following methods to deal with.

Remove the cell phone battery and use a screwdriver to take the phone apart. With the purity of 95% alcohol scrub (really no use of 75% of medical disinfection alcohol can also, these can be bought in pharmacies, prices are very cheap), and then blow dry with a hair dryer, conditional to get mobile phone shop with ultrasonic cleaning, 30 yuan, You can get a brand-new cell phone.

The inside of the cell phone, attention must use volatile alcohol treatment, can not use water or other easy conductive liquid cleaning, to prevent internal short circuit. In addition, if the cell phone inside the toilet in the urine erosion, must be used to clean up, because the urine has a strong corrosion, easy to lead to the internal metal components of the phone rust.

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