What if the Win7 system printer is jammed?

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Cause analysis and solution of Win7 computer printer jam

One, the printer jam reason:

Paper Jam is one of the most common printing failures in daily printing, with the following three main causes of paper jam:

The use of poor paper or paper damp

If there is no problem checking the printer part, the most likely problem is the paper. Poor paper often attached to a lot of confetti, the printing process of confetti into the machine, thereby causing pressure to rub the paper wheel, increase the possibility of cardboard.

1, paper too light and easy to jam

Especially for double-sided printing, paper because after a heating and ink infiltration printing has been distorted, if the weight of the paper is less than 60 grams, it is easy to appear paper jam phenomenon. Paper damp, paper stained with wet, paper jam is also easy to appear.

2. Use poor paper or paper damp

Second, the software configuration problem

If the software Setup error will also appear paper jam phenomenon, for example, the paper tray into other sizes of paper, but the software settings are still set in the A4 size of the paper, this will occur paper jam. Sometimes it is neither a hardware problem nor a software problem, and there is no paper inside the printer, but the printer still prompts for the paper jam, which can be done to clear the memory operation, and the way to clear the memory operation is very simple. Press "Feed + clean + power" and press "clean" for 10 seconds.

Third, parts aging

If a printer to use more than 1.5 years, the spare parts will begin to aging, especially the rubbing paper wheel, the paper roller and the Separation claw wear, which is the main cause of paper jam. If the paper has just entered the machine, it will be jammed. This phenomenon is generally caused by rubbing paper wheel wear and tear so that the printer is not in place, if the wear is not serious, with a wet cloth scrub clean several times. If used for a period of time, there will be a failure. And at this point, you do not want to change the paper wheel, you can try to rub the paper wheel to slightly deal with, the rubbing paper wheel above the leather sleeve, turn down, 180 degrees and then set. Or take off the leather cover to wrap a few laps on the top of the tape and then put on the leather condom, so that its diameter bold, offset its wear. If you use a period of time and then fail again, you will have to replace the pickup wheel to completely resolve the problem.

For a laser printer, the paper roller is also the most easily worn part of the printer. When the paper plate inside the normal, and can not take paper, often is the paper roll wear or spring loose. There is not enough pressure to feed the paper into the machine. Paper roll wear, temporarily can not be replaced, can be wound rubber band method for emergency treatment. After winding the rubber band, the friction of rubbing paper is increased, and the paper can return to normal.

Four, the printer card after the extraction process:


If you need to turn off the printer to remove the paper jam during the printing process, press the Restore/Cancel button before you close the printer to cancel the print job.

1. Turn off the printer and unplug the printer's power cord from the power outlet.

2, open the upper cover.

Important matters:

1, do not touch the transparency (A) or white belt (B).

2. If the paper or hand touches these parts and stains or scratches them, the printer may be damaged.

3, ensure that there is no paper jam under the print head retainer.

4. If there is a paper jam under the print head retainer, move the print head retainer to the right or left edge that is easy to remove the paper.

5. When moving the print head retainer, hold the top of the print head retainer and slide it slowly to the right or left edge.

6, please hold the jammed paper with your hands.

7. If the paper is curled, pull it out.

9, slowly pull out the paper to avoid tearing it, and then pull the paper out.

9, to ensure that all paper jams have been removed;

10, close the upper cover;

11. All print jobs in the queue will be canceled. If necessary, please print again.

Warm reminder:

1. When reloading the paper, make sure to use the paper that is suitable for printing and load it correctly into the printer.

2, in the removal of all the paper jam after the resumption of printing, if the computer screen to display information about the paper jam, the printer may be residual paper fragments.

3. In this case, make sure there is no residual paper fragment in the printer.

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