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What is IP? Yesterday afternoon the domestic large-scale web site paralysis, appeared to be resolved to the United States IP ( situation. (, Cari, dynamic Internet Technology Dynamics Internet technology company, North Carolina, USA. )

According to a number of DNS service providers, today 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the country all the common top-level domain root server anomalies, resulting in most of the domestic users can not correctly resolve the domain name, the national Internet links cause systemic impact.

The root server is primarily used to manage the home directory of the Internet. There are only 13 units in the world, the 13 root domain names are "A" to "M", of which 10 are set in the United States, and each has a set in the UK, Sweden and Japan.

"Simply put, if we are going to visit baidu.com this site, we have to point to the root server, the root service will then point the user to the. com server, and the. com's parsing server points the user to baidu.com." "A DNS tech expert explained that the problem is only in China, that the global root servers are not in trouble, and the problem is likely to be domestic network operators.

"This access failure is now around 3:20 P.M., and when a user requests a root server, it is directed to an IP address (a record), which is completely wrong." ”、

16:50 Update: According to domestic DNS service provider Dnspod, as of 16:50, the domestic access to the root server has been restored to normal, but due to local DNS servers also have cache, the total elimination of the impact may take 12 hours.

  Noun Explanation:

• Universal top-level root domain: A top-level domain for use by specific organizations, for the first few English letters represented in the English name of the organization, the generic top-level domain includes the commonly used domain names at the end of the. COM (business organization),. NET (organizations engaged in Internet services),. org (non-profit organization), and also includes the. Name New generic top-level root domain name (for personal registration),. Aero (for the air transport industry).

• Root domain server: "root server", mainly used to manage the Internet's main directory, the world has only 13 root servers, the name is "A" to "M", of which 10 sets in the United States, the other three set in Britain, Sweden and Japan. All root servers are managed by the United States Government-mandated Internet domain name and number distribution agency, ICANN, for global Internet domain name root servers, domain name systems, and IP addresses.

DNS (later will use): Domain name resolution service abbreviation, equivalent to the network in the road signs or map navigation, Internet users in the browser address bar input domain name, by the DNS server to interpret the domain name as network equipment can understand the IP address. If DNS fails, you will not be able to access the Internet immediately.

  • Why is this happening?

First of all the popular to restore our usual process of surfing the Internet:

For example, a Web site that accesses xxx.com domain names takes three steps:

1, visit the xxx.com Domain name Web site request first point to the root server;

2, the root server will again point this request to the. COM server;

3. com server to point this request to xxx.com;

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