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First say the concept, cloud host is a new generation of host rental services, it integrates high-performance servers and high quality network bandwidth, effectively solve the traditional host rental price high, uneven service products and other shortcomings, can fully meet the small and medium-sized enterprises, individual webmaster users to host rental services Low-cost, high reliability, easy to manage the demand.

Since the birth of the Internet, most of the webmaster are from the "Sharing host" (shared hosting) began to learn to build stations. The so-called "shared host" is a server with many sites, everyone sharing the hardware and bandwidth of this server. If it fails, then none of the above sites can be accessed.

"Cloud Host" (Cloud hosting) can be viewed as a new generation of shared hosts.

First, the host company will be its hardware and network lines, into a "cloud", and then provide some to this "cloud" network interface API for customers to use. At this point, each customer is no longer a particular server, but all the servers in the cloud.

For example, if you want to back up your files on the Web, you can use a shared host to upload files to a server, or you can use a cloud host to upload them to the cloud via some form of interface. In other words, shared host users directly face a specific server, and cloud host users directly face the network interface, the server can not see the inside.

Second, the advantages of cloud host

Cloud host has three major advantages.

(1) cheap.

Because services can be dispersed across multiple servers, they can make the most of their resources, reducing hardware, power, and maintenance costs. Moreover, the cloud host is based on the use of the charge, more to pay, less to pay, so the small site is particularly beneficial.

(2) reliable.

Because the service is distributed in many servers, even many computer rooms, so it is not easy to complete downtime, resilience and fault-tolerant ability, can guarantee a long time online.

(3) Good scalability (scalability).

The basic feature of cloud host is distributed architecture, so it can easily increase the server and multiply the service capability.

Third, the shortcomings of the cloud host

Some customers are concerned about the security of cloud hosts and feel a lack of control over services.

Because the cloud host only provides the network interface, so the customer's data must all obey the cloud service company's arrangement, completely under the latter control. The confidentiality of data is dependent on the latter's professional ethics and protection capabilities.

However, this is actually a "pseudo problem" because, in most cases, cloud services companies care more about and are better at protecting data than customers. Paul Graham has talked about this in his book Hackers and painters:

"Opponents tend to feel that our products are unsafe and that if employees can log in easily, then bad people can easily log in," he said. Some big companies feel it's safer to put their customers ' credit card information on their servers instead of giving them to us. ...... But in fact, their servers are not safe for us, and our data protection is almost certainly better than theirs.

Think about who can hire a higher level of cyber security experts, a technology start-up company that is all about managing servers, or a clothing retailer?...... And we're more concerned about data security than they are. If a clothing retailer's servers are compromised, the company itself will be affected at most, and it is likely to be concealed within the company and, in the worst case, an employee may be dismissed. However, if our servers are compromised, tens of thousands of companies may be affected, and this may also be used as news, published on the industry website, so that our business can not go on, we have to close the door.

If you want to keep your money in a safe place, would you choose a home mattress or a bank? This metaphor applies to all aspects of server management, not just security, but also uptime, bandwidth, load management, backup, and so on. "

Four, how to select the Cloud host

In general, well-known companies are always the preferred choice. There are three main companies: Amazon Web Services, Netdepot and Rackspace. But small companies also have their own advantages, such as satisfying personalized needs and lower prices.

You can take account of customer service, computer room distribution, reliability, the strength of the API, security measures, prices and other factors, comprehensive consideration.

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