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First of all, do not confuse "Dos attacks" with "DOS" in a once widely used DOS operating system. "DOS" in DOS is the abbreviation of "Disk operating system", which is the "diskette operating system", while the DOS in DOS attack is the abbreviation of Denial of service, that is, denial of service, which causes Dos attack to be called Dos attack. The purpose is to make the computer or network unable to provide normal services.
Dos attacks can be divided into DOS, Ddos, DrDoS and so on by means of implementation.

The most common Dos attacks are computer network bandwidth attacks and connectivity attacks. Bandwidth attack means that the network is hit by a great amount of traffic, so that all available network resources are consumed and the legal user requests cannot be passed. A connectivity attack refers to the use of a large number of connection requests to impact the computer, so that all available operating system resources are exhausted, the end computer can no longer handle legitimate user requests. Such as:

* Attempt to flood the server to prevent legitimate network traffic

* Destroys the connection between two machines and prevents access to the service

* Block Special User access Services

* Destroys Server service or causes server to panic

Typically, a Dos attack is part of an intrusion, such as bypassing an intrusion detection system, usually from a large number of attacks, resulting in too much log or unresponsive intrusion detection systems, so that intruders can cheat the intrusion detection system in a tidal attack.

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