What is a high-quality domain name? How to select high-quality domain names

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It's hard to say about the advantages and disadvantages of a domain name. It's okay to take your own rice and make yourself a self-evaluation. But if you open another's rice table, find the other's QQ, and say to others, how are you doing? It is estimated that 120% of us will attract white-eyed people. Therefore, if you comment on rice, you may say some praise against your heart to make the rice Lord happy, but it will make others jealous; to be honest, it is a thankless task to attract others. Try to avoid it.

But there are not so many concerns in the market. If you say that you want to transfer rice to him, he has bought it. That's really good. He won't say anything, in this case, he will be greatly compromised.

Therefore, some people set a golden standard for whether the domain name is good or bad: whether it can be changed immediately without losing money

I have to say that this is a big honest word, but it is often nonsense, because the two verification questions are: you have to get the domain name first, and then to the market to receive the amount of attention. The money is spent. If it is good or bad, you have to swallow it, right.

Then will the new mi nong pay the tuition fee? This school fee is being paid by the old rice farmers, so the new rice farmers don't have to worry about it. The main and key question is, how can we reduce the point of intersection?

I have summarized several types of domain names based on what I have seen and heard over the years. These domain names are often the type that new users are most keen to try.

1. Self-developed language domain name.

It is said that the director invited the language experts to create Pandora's planet dialect during the filming of "Avatar". Therefore, Pandora's indigenous speaker is the same as Chinese, Japanese, French, and English, it is indeed a language with its own syntax and vocabulary, but I don't think everyone can understand it, so this language has no value. Therefore, when starting a domain name, we should try to avoid using our own language, for example, wooolooo. You can say it's my pleasure. I also need to remember the following "o ", does some people say that yahoo is not such a bird? What about google? I heard it was the result of a wrong registration. I just want to say that they are Yahoo and google, so they can play and they can enrich their domain names with their own products, I can use a huge number of advertisements to promote domain names. How many large companies are there on the internet in their age? Even if it is only an error, they can succeed. Imagine how much money would you be willing to pay for yahoo, google or www.111cn.net without yahoo and google?

2. A combination of the first letter of the pinyin alphabet for multiple domain names and long words.

These domain names are generally results of excessive creativity. If they are not well combined, it is estimated that, apart from yourself, it is difficult for others to guess the meaning of the domain name. In the news pushed by Tianyi WeChat, a domain name is "Shanghai XX Chemical Products Co., Ltd.", and the domain name uses the first letter "SHSXXHGPYXZRGS" in pinyin. COM ", I can see this type of domain name, I am directly dizzy, this is more confusing than" CPTBTPTPBCPTDTPTP.com ", at least" do not spit grape skins, if you don't eat grape skins, you can still guess it. In many miscellaneous aspects, more than four Miscellaneous are also the domain name that basically makes people dizzy, "52CGP. COM ", you can interpret it as I love stock trading and take it out separately. What other people can think of with you is almost zero.

III. Alternative pinyin domain name.

Because of the popularity of pinyin domain names, it is said that four hundred pairs of energy-saving combinations of 0.16 million pinyin sounds, whether good or bad, all registered out, and now want to play a double fight? In addition to acquisitions and preemptive registration, there is no other way to do this. However, in the market, the two competitions are really unsightly. There are a large number of alternative combinations for the two competitions, which are really Yunyun. Another kind of domain names is self-creative English combination. I just don't know what kind of people I want to face? Mixed Blood?

4. Long string digital domain name.

There are two categories. One is the overlap of a single number. We often see 18 "8" and 16 "6" types of domain names. Such domain names are probably from their favorites; another type is meaningless 6-digit and 6-digit combinations. The 6-digit combination reaches 1 million, and the base is so large that even the Big Brother is hard to play, in addition, it is so long that, if there is no combination of rules, it is really meaningless. Of course, for example, 66666666,666186.

The above is just a simple list of some types that are not suitable for playing. We should find that the domain name is easy to remember, and its meaning is a representation, which is widely accepted by everyone, better for memory. In addition, any type of domain name (except for the very small category of the disc port), even if the fire is up, the fire is also a very small part of the high-quality domain name, new friends into the line, do not be confused by the appearance of the market. For example, a shopping spree can drive the entire shopping spree, but it does not mean that all shopping carnivals can have a good price.

This article ends with the topic "How to select a high-quality domain name". What we actually talk about is to avoid what types of domain names we should try to avoid, naturally, it's not far from us. In the above article, you are welcome to discuss it.

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