What is an SMTP server

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What is the SMTP server?

The full name of SMTP is "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol", which is simply a message transfer protocol. It is a set of specifications for transmitting messages from the source address to the destination to control how the message is relayed. The SMTP protocol belongs to the TCP/IP protocol cluster, which helps each computer to find the next destination when sending or relaying letters, the SMTP server is the outgoing mail server that follows the SMTP protocol, and the different mail service providers have corresponding SMTP server addresses, and this address is provided to everyone, Easy to use when you are using professional mail management software such as Foxmail and Outlook.

  What is the POP3 server?

POP is the abbreviation for Post Office Protocol, an electronic Post Office transport Protocol, and POP3 is its third version, which provides an electronic protocol for how to connect personal computers to the Internet and download e-mail messages. It is the first offline protocol standard for Internet e-mail. To put it simply, POP3 is a simple and practical message transmission protocol, so the POP3 server is to follow the POP protocol to send mail server, different mail service providers have a corresponding POP server address, and this address will be provided to everyone, easy to use Foxmail with professional mail management software such as Outlook.

The SMTP server and POP3 server address of the mainstream mailbox provider in China

163 mailbox

POP3 Server: pop3.163.com

SMTP server: smtp.163.com

Yahoo Mail

POP3 Server: pop.mail.yahoo.com.cn

SMTP server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Sohu Mail

POP3 Server: pop3.sohu.com

SMTP server: smtp.sohu.com

Sina Mail

POP3 server: pop.sina.com.cn or pop3.sina.com.cn

SMTP server: smtp.sina.com.cn

Please select the SMTP server to require authentication options

139 Mailbox

POP3 Server: pop3.139.com

SMTP server: smtp.139.com

Gmail Mail

POP3 Server: pop.gmail.com port: 995 Open SSL

SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com Port: 465 or 587 Open SSL

Account number is username, password is same, email address is username@gmail.com

QQ Mail

POP3 Server: pop.qq.com

SMTP server: smtp.qq.com

SMTP server requires authentication

Tom Mail

POP3 Server: pop.tom.com.cn

SMTP server: smtp.tom.com.cn

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