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It generally refers to the cloud software platform, which uses Application virtualization technology to integrate software search, download, use, management, backup, and other functions, build Software resources, software applications, and software service platforms for Internet users to improve the current methods of obtaining and using software. This gives you a simple, smooth, convenient, and fast new experience. the virtualized environment brings light, clean, and stable systems, reduces reinstallation troubles, and allows you to experience fast, rich, and secure software resources, convenient software use, convenient access to practical software management, flexible software sharing, mobile portable has always been, as much as possible to use green software, so the C disk with a few installation programs. The advantage is to minimize the system load and increase the number of software so that the system will not be slower and slower! Even if you redo the system, you can copy the green software or shortcut to drive C to reinstall the software and delete it quickly! "Cloud" is a good software aggregation platform, which solves the use problems of "cold door" software. Some software is often used less frequently and often occupies resources on the computer. It is very troublesome to uninstall, install, and install the software on the cloud, in the system, only the most frequently used installation and green software are retained. It is a good solution to use the cloud without starting the software.

1. The cloud integrates a large number of software resources, which are categorized and easy to find.

2. Installing and uninstalling software on the cloud is also very easy. After downloading the software, you can complete the installation process and right-click it to simply delete and unmount the software.

3. Close the cloud application. All the files left by the software on the cloud will disappear.


"Cloud" has a good idea, and there are small problems

1. Some software is not cracked and does not support the cracked version. Even if the patch is cracked, you do not know how to install it. // Solve the problem. Copy the cracked file to the virtual directory.

2. If you can support custom software "Cloud", it will be perfect! // Implemented

3. When the cloud software is started, it occupies system resources like the installed software, so useless software should not be downloaded; alternatively, you can simply hide the application software that is frequently used but is reluctant to discard it (without occupying system resources after hiding it. Of course, the cloud is not available when you don't need it.

4. The cloud itself also occupies about 8 MB of memory, which has a slight impact on the old model. The data file capacity on the cloud is large and large hard disk capacity is required.

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