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Desktop-grade 3D printer, as the name implies is small, can be placed on the desk to print three-dimensional physical printer. Desktop 3D Printer It is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is based on digital model files, the use of powder-like metal or plastic, such as adhesive materials, by layer-by-level printing method to construct the technology of the object. In the past, it has been used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields for manufacturing models, and is gradually being used for direct manufacturing of some products, which means that the technology is becoming popular.

Then, the desktop-level 3D printer works by putting the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, the design of the product model and the printer connected together, press "button", the machine will be in accordance with the program to create a layer of products. The printed product can be used instantly. To your surprise, the 3D printer can also print "food", which is the future development direction of the 3D printer that most foodies care about. Or, you just bought a home 3D printer, so a new DIY world is opening up to you, waiting for you to make all kinds of ideas into reality. You can make all kinds of 3D models you want, such as the little people in the cartoon Jabbar Ah, sugar Bao or Hedghog (and other popular favorite models, of course, you can also print some pen, flower pots, shoes, clothing and so on any of the items you can imagine, as long as you can imagine you can design a model, The 3D printer will do everything you can to print it.
If you really have a desktop-level 3D printer, here are a few questions you might want to focus on:
One, 3D printer placement

First establish the horizontal position of the print platform, or it will cause a lot of trouble during the printing process. If you can use a piece of paper to do a quick test before each print: Set the z axis of your printhead at the height of the first print (about the thickness of a piece of paper, a little bit more), and insert the paper between the print platform and the sprinkler. Before and after moving the nozzle to the Four Corners and center of the printing platform, if the meeting can move freely without touching the paper, then your printing platform is basically leveling up.

Second, 3D printer daily Maintenance

First, every day to open the 3D printer before printing, do some necessary checks: if the nozzle is blocked or damaged phenomenon, the connection line is normal, the motor bearings and rails are not oil, the platform is calibrated and so on. There are lingering objects in the nozzle to immediately clean up, parts are damaged or aging to be timely replacement, regularly add lubricating oil to moving parts, the nut loose to tighten.
Secondly, the 3D printer in the printing process, the parameters set do not exceed the limits of the device, otherwise, can not print out the qualified products, too high temperature or excessive load and other problems will damage the equipment. There is the printing process found something amiss, it is necessary to stop processing, do not worry about the downtime to re-print let the device continue to work with illness.
Finally, after printing to do a good job cleaning, 3D printer nozzle, Platform, Guide, motor, fan, etc. above the dirt to clean up, do not accumulate for a long time resulting in the final bad cleaning.

Three, 3D printer use precautions

1, when you print a new thing, you can first use the lowest setting of the printer (ie, high-speed, low-precision) first quickly experiment. Because you don't want to spend n hours. After printing, you will find the size of the item or the wrong place!

2. If you use ABS plastic to print, make sure your print platform is warmed to its highest temperature, because the higher the temperature, the more it will prevent the ABS material from curling up during the printing process.

3, if it is printed with PLA plastic, you can use the printing platform without heating, sticking a layer of blue painter duct tape on your platform, it is cheaper than the legendary tape.

4, for the heating of the printing platform, Kapton tape is the most suitable, because it than the blue painter tape duct tape has a better heat and heat dissipation.

5. Learn more about the properties of the printed material you choose. The two main plastics used in personal 3D printing are abs and PLA. Each has its own characteristics, such as melting temperature and discharging speed. Make sure that the printer data you set up will support the print material you are using.

What is desktop-level 3D printer, desktop-level 3D printer considerations [Hong Rui 3D Printer Manufacturers]

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