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AutoCAD (Drawing Interchange Format or Drawing Exchange format) drawing interchange file. DXF is a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk Company for CAD data interchange between AutoCAD and other software. DXF is an open vector data format, which can be divided into two types: ASCII format and binary format; ASCII has a good readability, but occupies a larger space, the binary format occupies a small space, fast reading speed. Since AutoCAD is now the most popular CAD system, DXF is also widely used as a de facto standard. Most CAD systems can read or output DXF files.

The DXF file is constructed from a number of "code" and "value" data pairs, where the code is called "Code" (group code), specifying the type and purpose of subsequent values. Each set of codes and values must be a separate row.

The DXF file is organized into multiple "segments" (sections), each preceded by the group code "0" and the string "section", followed by the group code "2" and the string representing the segment name (such as header). In the middle of a segment, you can define the elements in a segment by using a group code and a value. The end of the segment is defined using the group code "0" and the string "Endsec".

Dxf-drawing Exchange file (Graphics Interchange file), an ASCII text file that contains all the information of the corresponding DWG file, is not in ASCII form and is not readable, but uses it to form graphics faster. Different types of computers ( such as PC and its compatible machine and Sun workstation specific different CPU bus) even if the same version of the file, its DWG file is not interchangeable. In order to overcome this shortcoming, AutoCAD provided the DXF type file, its internal ASCII code, so that different types of computers can exchange DXF files to achieve the purpose of exchanging graphics, because DXF file readability, users can easily modify it, programming, to achieve from the external graphics for editing, The purpose of the modification.

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