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Codehaus released the implementation of ESB mule 1.0, and the ESB that grew up in the atmosphere where SOA was widely advocated finally unveiled it!

So what is ESB?

We know that the SOA architecture requires all business-related applications in the enterprise.ProgramAll WebService interfaces should be provided. Once this step is implemented, all applications are faced with the problem of calling these or so many interfaces. Of course, the WebService client can adopt synchronous calling. If enterprise applications require scalability, asynchronous message calling can also be used. The ESB uses the message encapsulation idea to encapsulate all service calls through a unified message interface, whether synchronous or asynchronous. In addition, the ESB can provide the same excuse for other enterprise message services, such as mail, JMS, ibm mq, and MSMQ.

What can be used by ESB?

ESB is not omnipotent. It is not an application framework or a solution for enterprise applications. It is just a messaging module that calls enterprise services based on messages! You can embed it into your application framework, such as the spring container or the workflow system. it provides a framework and simple method for calling SOA services in enterprises.

What are the limitations between ESB and actual enterprise applications?

Currently, ESB has many commercial solutions and many open-source products, such as objectweb, codehaus, and SourceForge. there is still a gap between maturity and maturity. In addition, each vendor is a battle. Currently, JCP does not have a draft of this technology, and there is still a long way to specify the standard. of course, the current status is the same as that of SOA. I believe that when SOA is truly popularized, ESB will become more mature.

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